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Thread: Fire cracking

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    Fire cracking

    Does fire cracking where the beginning of the bore begins affect accuracy? From that point forward into the throat and rifling the barrel looks pretty good. Just at the junction where the case neck diameter ends (the 90° step up into the bore I have fire cracking around the complete circumference.
    It is a 6.5 x 47 shooting Reloder 17 behind 140 grain Berger hybrids. Have around 1000 rounds through this barrel.
    My vertical is still quite flat out to 1200 yards. Should I be concerned about the fire cracking in this area? Should I keep shooting this barrel or replace it? Thanks for the advice.

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    You can manage the heat checking with abrasives but at some point it's a losing battle. I would have plans in place for a replacement barrel.

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    I had what i thought was fire cracking. I was told by the gunsmith to try some isso paste on a nylon brush, just short stroking in that area just forward of the chamber. After using the paste it was all cleaned up. My gunsmith said it was just carbon.

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