We had a nice day to shoot today, the winds were primarily from the East Northeast, but as usual did their switcharoo act.
Darek Biggs was the big gun on the Unlimited side, once again besting the Senior Unlimited Shooters. So in Junior Unlimited, he had an agg of 190.00 with a high target of 194.
Paul Dyer took 1st in Senior Unlimited with a tie breaking 188 on the 1st card and the high for the day of 191. He had an agg of 188.500.
Allen Taylor took the high 3rd & 4th cards and had an agg of 187.75 for 2nd place. Bill Middlebrook swapped Senior Heavy Barrel this week for Unlimited and took 3rd place.
Tom Cunningham had the highest score overall for the day with a 196 on the 4th card on his way to a 192.50 agg to take 1st place in Senior Heavy Barrel. Zach Turner continues to improve and came in 2nd place.
The competition in the Senior Factory class continues to heat up with only a 17 point total difference between 1st & 5th places ! David Strother once again took 1st place with a 182.00 agg and the high 5th target with a 185. Carolyn Wilson took 2nd place with a 181.000 agg and the high 2nd card with a 184. Ron Herring took 3rd place with a 180.50 agg and took the high 1st card winning the tiebreaker with Carolyn and the high 3rd card of 185. Howard Wilson and Jerry Willeford were 4th & 5th respectively.
Ron Herring