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Thread: Twist rate vs bullet weight?

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    Although I have limited experience, reading about this issue, I have found articles that do claim that as certain projectiles stabalize, they spiral into a tighter group as they go down range, but my experience is that say a projectile that will hold 1/4 MOA at 100 yards may only hold 2 MOA by the time it gets to 300 yards, but that a projectile that is better suited for longer range, may only hold 1/2 MOA at 100 and still be only slightly increased at much longer yardages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilGunsmith View Post
    We track bullets with Doppler radar, multiple acoustical targets, Oheler chronographs, and the Sydor system. Bullets do all sorts of interesting things when fired.

    OK, let's keep it real simple instead of "bullets do all sorts of interesting things"...... DO YOU have documented instances where groups converge? DO YOU have documentation showing where groups actually get smaller with distance? THE SAME BULLETS in THE SAME GROUP not some "we load differently for 100 than for 600?"

    This is the only question on the table and you seem qualified to make a statement. Could you win my bet?

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    I believe Bob is referring to the "coning effect", there seems to be some validity to it although I have not seen it shooting through multiple targets out to 300 yds

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    Just for the heck of it

    I did my last load testing on the 50 YD Rimfire range at the club. I found a single bullet hole group. I've been shooting the same loaded round parameters at 1-2 and 300 yds all season and have shot some tiny knots @ 300 with the rifle and it's ammo. Like teen groups, figured by MOA.

    I shoot HBR rifles so can't see much in the way of shot placement as I go. I shot the most xes I've ever shot @ 200 the other weekend with that ammo.

    SO, I think, for my purposes, my 50 yd parameter ammo works good enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdean View Post
    I donít think that is exactly what they mean Butch..The best tune for 600 usually isnít the best tune for 100.
    I would think in short range game some might have a different load for 200 and 100. So your best 200 yard load might not group as good at 100.. On my 600 yard gun I usually have to tweak my best load at 100 for best tune at 600. I personally believe there is something to positive compensation. But have no proof just what I have seen in my experience.
    What do they mean then? I'm saying that your best load for 50yds, 100yds, and so on will not make bullets converge in an smaller group down range.

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