Briar Hail Memorial 2019

The 2019 Briar Hail Memorial Shoot at Shelby County Deer Hunters Association was a great way to end the 4th of July weekend. 19 shooters attended. The range was picture perfect and the weather was great. Saturday started at 8:30 am with light winds and clear skies. When the morning was completed Victor Potts won the Light Varmint 100 with a .1576 agg. Tim Humphreys was second at .1952 and Pat Metcalf third with a .2258. Small group went to Victor Potts shooting a .100. Afternoon brought the 100 Heavy Varmint to a close with Jack Neary winning by posting a .1604 agg. Second went to Brian Robinson at .1786 with Victor Potts rounding out the trio shooting a .1800. The afternoon small group went to Jack Neary with a .083.

Sunday again started at 8:30 and when the 200 Heavy Varmint ended, Jack Neary won by shooting a .2038. Second was Paul Whitt with a .2094 and Ted Heindselman’s .2095 was good for third place. The morning small group of .233 went to Paul Whitt. Sunday afternoon brought clearing skies and increased winds. Ted Heindselman had no trouble winning with a .1966. Brian Robinson was second with a .2171 and Victor Potts took third with a .2319. Small group of .207 was shot by Tim Humphreys.

The top 3 for the Light Varmint Aggregate were Victor Potts (.1948), Ted Heindselman (.2126) and Tim Humphreys (.2253)

The top 3 for the Heavy Varmint Aggregate were Jack Neary (.1821), Brian Robinson (.1958), and Ted Heindselman (.2040).)

Top 3 in the Two Gun were:

Ted Heindselman (.2083)

Brian Robinson (.2121)

Tim Humphreys (.2150)