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I noticed on the BC website that on the Neuvo listings there are 6ppc/BR bolt faces available. Will these Neuvo dropports
with 6ppc/30br BF cycle a 30BR case? Maybe someone will clarify. Just askin.....

AFAIK there are no drop ports available for a long time and the ones listed as PPC/BR bolface are side eject.

I bought one

couldn't be happier

I've only "tried it out" not actually run it at speed...... but it's inch oh five tenon and 18tpi so I've screwed a bunch of barrels into it (they're tight, it's smaller diameter than most) and cycled cases all the way up to 6.5 CM which bounced around a bit but they came out clean until you hit 'er hard. 1 out of 10 I got to bounce back into the action. I don't own a 30BR but IMO they'd fly out like bats from a limestone cave.

I also ran a bunch of 6X47L's (I already chambered a bbl for it, haven't even built the gun LOL) and couldn't get one to stick