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Thread: Dry Branch Rifle Range - UBR 7 6 19

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    Dry Branch Rifle Range - UBR 7 6 19

    Yesterday's match was our hottest and most humid of the year. By the end of the day all were worn out, very sweaty and probably didn't smell very good. We had two new shooters who seemed to have enjoyed themselves and we hope to see them back.

    In talking it over with several of the regulars who have shot every match so far at Dry Branch, the consensus is that this is the toughest range in our region. Even on days like yesterday, when the wind is only 5-10 MPH, it is nearly impossible to see a consistent shootable condition that will hold long enough for more than one shot. One of the most confusing factors is the fact that it isn't unusual to have all your flags (and I use five at 100) going one direction and the bullet going in the exact opposite. If this only happened once and only to one shooter you could chalk it up to gun handling, bad brass, whatever. But when it happens up and down the line, it is clearly something else. Since only three shooters out of twenty nine shot a 500 or better, it can be said that one one really figured it out. Richard Alford & Jeff Breeden did better than most but even they didn't shoot as well as they are capable of.

    Much appreciation to all who came and shot with us and in particular those who helped with targets, scoring and everything else it takes to run a match like this. Hope to see you here in August. The next match in our area will be at Boyle County Fish & Game in Junction City KY, next Saturday July 13. This is where the Nationals will be held this year, so you may want to get a look early.

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    I hate that I missed it and seeing everyone. It was my fil'so 8th birthday and my wife let me know right after I had decided not to rush and get ready to shoot Wilmore last weekend. Ya pick your battles, is all I can say.

    Congrats to the winners and all that shot well!
    I hope to see you all soon.
    Some good scores and yes, that place is tough...maybe the toughest I've shot.

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