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Thread: NorCal IR50/50 June match results

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    NorCal IR50/50 June match results

    Sorry for the delay in the report, we had some issues with the results.
    We had a great turnout for our 2nd registered IR50/50 match with 24 shooters showing up at Sac Valley Shooting Center to challange the winds of the "Ione Triangle".
    Since we only have 20 benches, we had to run 2 relays to fit everyone in. Things went fairly smoothly, although keeping up with the scoring continues to be a challange.

    Match 1 was won by Francis Lee with a 740-37x, Albert Highe 2nd with a 739-30x, and Allen Ross a BP shooter up for Saturdays BP match came by and shot 736-24x for 3rd.
    Conditions continued to pick up for Match #2 with some pretty significant velocity shifts and hard switches.
    Match 2 was taken by Tom Price with a 737-33x, Francis Lee 2nd with a 737-28x, and Match Director Dan Lutke shooting a 735-27x for 3rd.
    The combination 6 card Club Agg was won by Francis Lee with a 1477-65x, followed in 2nd by Albert Highe with a 1472-55x, and Tom Price 3rd with a 1470-60x.

    Thanks to all who attended and helped with the match, we will continue to do our best to try and make these matches enjoyable for the participents,
    and look for ways to speed up the process. Lunch was late and we were still scoring targets @ 2:30 and had people leaving to get home before the results were up.
    Dan has e-mailed the results to all the participents.

    One thing Dan and I talked about when we started this was whether people would travel just to shoot a 3 card match.
    We have a lot of shooters that are 2-3 hours (or more) away, and that is one reason we decided to do 2 matches ie: 6 cards in one day.
    Figure it makes the trip worth the drive, and time spent.
    That worked out well when we had 14 shooters, a little more problematic when we draw 20+ and have to run 2 relays!
    We both hate the idea of limiting the # of shooters, our feeling is if you want to come and shoot you should be able to shoot!

    So the question is would you still travel to the match if we only hold a regular 3-card match, or maybe a 3-card and a 4th card for a cash option?
    That way even if we have 2 relays we should still be done by @ Noon, have lunch do the awards and have everyone on the road early afternoon.
    Just throwing it out there for some feedback, next match on July 21st. will be a 6 card match for now.
    Complete results attached,
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