Well the Boerne Tuesday Night Wrangle match for June has left the building and it was a semi nice night for some fun competition. What earlier started out looking to be a mild night, yes, we all enjoy not having to fight the wind, but about 30 minutes before the start of the match someone turned the fans on and the ole Whirlpool wash machine was going full tilt with flags all dancing every which way. On another note we had a couple of new shooters, well not to the sport, but new to our Tuesday night get together join us. Junior Derek Biggs and Wayne Young.
Anyway, to the results.For the ABRA segment for Unlimited Semi Auto we had 2 shooters.
1st went to Lisa Chacon with a nice 195.5 agg.
2nd went to Allen Taylor with a 186.5 agg.

For the outlaw bolt gun class, which is becoming very popular we had 6 shooters.
1st was yours truly Les Williams with a 197.5 agg.
2nd was Joe Chacon with a 191.5 agg.
3rd was Josie Hensler with a 191 agg.

Our one and only Junior shooter for the evening,
Derek Biggs shot a 186.5 agg with his Unlimited Semi Auto

The next segment of the evening was our 3 card ARA match we had 9 shooters and the top 3 were
1st Les Williams with a 2241.667 agg and picked up one HOF point with a 2400 target
2nd Josie Hensler with a 2058.333 agg
3rd Allen Taylor with a 2050 agg. Note that this was Allenís first time to shoot a bolt gun in ARA and he borrowed a tricked out CZ452. He got off to a slow start with an 1800 on his first card but after getting used to the rifle and setup shot a 2250 and a 2100.

Iíll send out another e-mail shortly with the Wrangler point totals so far for the year.

Les Williams