ABRA Louisiana Results 06.22.2019
We had two new shooters come to this weeks match Gordon Conley and David Cox from Texas David cox shot unlimited and Gordon Conley shot heavy glad to have them competing ! We had an even shooter count 2 unl,3 heavy and 2 in factory not leaving any class without competition! Those guys from Texas shoot at Lufkin a range with little wind do to design, we at Caddo range aren't so lucky and the wind seems to always be a challenge! This match Eddie Robertson competed in heavy so Rodney Eaton could have competition from his brother Robert Eaton! Nothing like brotherly rivalry! !! Factory class Robert Eaton 1st, Rodney Eaton 2nd, Unlimited class Mike Drummond 1st, David Cox 2nd, Heavy class Jerry Smith 1st, Eddie Robertson 2nd, Gordon Conley 3rd! Just an other wonderful day at the range with friends and good competition just don't much better than this!!! Till next time shoot straight and aim high!
Robert Eaton