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    Barrel Cleaners

    I have been on a quest for a few years now to find a chemical product that will lift carbon from barrels quickly and thoroughly. I believe I am getting closer. I tried Patchout a few months ago now and must say I am quite impressed with it. It is a great cleaner for Rimfire barrels and for Centerfire barrels. It doesn't, however, work as well in CF barrels as it does in Rimfire barrels.

    The directions say not to brush when using it but I don't know why. If it doesn't readily eat the base metal of the barrel, how is brushing going to harm anything? My standard practice for cleaning Rimfire barrels became soak a brush in Patchout and brush a few strokes, wait and dry patch, clean as a whistle.

    Doing the same with the barrel I am currently using on my HBR rifle, a set back barrel that has some rounds through it, some carbon remains, ( cut barrel with uneven grooves). For this I wrapped steel wool around a worn brush and stroked it a few times. Clean as a whistle! Hey, these freakin barrels wear out anyway and the rifles that shoot best when clean, why not scrub the buggers?

    May have found something better. A friend gave me a small bottle of a detergent with citric acid in it. I wanted to try it on the inside of case necks to try to find a way to quickly take the carbon out of them. Well, this one seems to do pretty well. Using Qtips to apply the detergent and to remove the residue, it is possible to take it all out. Not as quickly as I would like but it is reasonably fast acting. Dern if the stuff doesn't look, visually, a lot like Patchout .

    I am trying to find a larger scale process so that each case doesn't be handled several times but that should present itself soon. I do not see any reason why this detergent would not work equally as well as the Patchout or it's variants. The Detergent does etch the brass where as the Patchout doesn't. I don't really care if the brass gets etched and guess It isn't a big issue to me with the barrels either, at this point. BUT, we have something that is workin!

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