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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    First, I am not a 22 rimfire guy...I compete in SR Benchrest. The reason that I am posting is to help a guy in my church. He is in charge of the Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) in our area. Knowing that I am a BR guy and obsessed with accuracy he was asking me how to make a rimfire shoot to their highest potential. He is wanting to get the best equipment possible so that the kids would reach their highest level of competition and be assured that if they miss a shot it is not an equipment problem. He is trying to eliminate the, "Where did that come from." So, I'm reaching out to those on this forum that can help.
    Based upon the rules listed below what would you recommend as far a a rifle, action, barrel, ammo...?

    Rules -
    1. Light Rifle Challenge: Participants will move or walk through a rifle field course in a natural setting. The course is designed to simulate shooting situations encountered while hunting.
    2. The Light Rifle Challenge will be conducted with the participants taking shots at swinging iron silhouettes and varying distances from 15 to 75 yards.
    a. Participants may shoot from any position unless told different.
    b. The stake with the station number is not to be used as a prop.
    c. Magazines are not to be loaded until on the line with scorer. Preloaded magazines will be unloaded and reloaded. - 14 -
    3. Rifles: Only standard type .22 caliber rifles designed primarily for hunting will be permitted. All action types, except fully automatic, will be permitted. The rifle may not exceed eight and one half pounds in weight including telescope but without a sling and must have a safe trigger pull. Rifles may be equipped with a hunting sling not to exceed 1-1/2" (3.81 centimeters) in width. Rifles may be equipped with a sporter-type thumbhole stock (non-adjustable). Sights will be open, peep with standard front post and bead, or hunting scopes fixed or variable power optics nine power or less. Shooter may not change guns after firing begins, except in the event of a gun malfunction. BRING YOUR OWN AMMUNITION. All ammunition used in this activity must be a standard or high velocity .22-caliber rifle cartridge. No super hot, stingers or heavy bullets allowed (to protect targets). Bring the ammo in the original box. No sight-in shots will be allowed once the Challenge begins.
    4. The following will not be permitted for the Light Hunting Rifle Challenge:
    a. Clothing with added padding, stiffness or shirt cup designed to assist shooter in remaining steady;
    b. Shooting mats;
    c. Competition thumbhole stocks;
    d. Palm rests or forearm of stocks exceeding 2-1/4" wide or 2-1/4" deep as measured from the center line of the bore;
    e. Scopes, fixed, or variable power optics with capabilities greater than nine power;
    f. Binoculars, monocular or spotting scopes;
    g. Range finders;
    h. Adjustable competition sling swivel;
    i. Kneeling roll; and
    j. Shooting sticks.

    Thanks for the help


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    Your friend is supplying the Firearms? How many? What is his budget? Want to make it a level playing field, you can do like some European Palma matches and supply the same ammo to everyone.


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    Some ideas for you ..

    The Bartlesville Sportsmans Club has had rimfire matches for several years . The rimfire guns that have been the best in this competition have largely been the Savage MK II clip fed rifles in both blue and S/S. The most consistent performers have been lightly epoxy bedded and some minor trigger mods. A picatinny rail /weaver base for Burris Signature Z rings - also bedded to the bbl with epoxy. The Z rings give you the extra couple of clicks to raise the scope up for 180 yard shots. The best Ammo has been the various grades of Lapua centerX and Eley Match. The Savage 22 lr bbls require a lot of lead down the bbl and not much cleaning. Practice will be the key . Whomever is the most familiar with his equipment and experimentation with the various muzzle velocities will be taking home the medals. After a couple of years of doing this I can honestly say I was amazed at how accurate the little guns are. Have some fun !!

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