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Thread: The James Lovell Memorial

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    The James Lovell Memorial

    Guys, my dear friend Ronnie Milford has asked me to post this memorial for his long time friend James Lovell. This is just a glimpse into how meaningful James was to Ronnie, but also anyone that had the chance to know him.


    The James Lovell Memorial

    GMSA August 3 & 4, 2019

    I know we have all shot memorial matches with the possibility of not having value for the person it was named for. So, in order to give everyone a snapshot of the life of James Lovell, I offer this short story about one of my shooting competitors and dear friend for whom this match is in named after.

    James Lovell was born in Stephens County on July 1, 1955 to Hebron & Peggy Lovell. He was their first child and only son. James lived in Habersham County, Georgia his entire life and was married to a lovely and kind lady, Judy. They raised two sons and have two grand-daughters. He worked in heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning at Reigel Textile and later at North Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville. James also taught his trade at Lanier Technical College.

    James loved God, his family, and anything that went fast; whether it was cars, motorcycles, jet skis or guns. One Christmas he wanted a BB gun; instead of the BB gun he received a 410 shotgun, and this started his love and interest in guns. Whatever his passion was, he studied and desired to learn everything and anything he could to enhance his knowledge and skill. He found it immensely satisfying to put a bullet into a target that was farther away than could be seen by the naked eye. Furthermore, he loved the smell of gunpowder. James enjoyed the camaraderie, shared technology, and good natured competition among all shooters and always wished everyone the best.

    During the past three years James’ health declined and did not allow him to be as active in the gun club as he would have preferred. It inhibited his ability to travel and attend the International Benchrest matches that were held in other states. Even with having adverse health issues, James always made sure that the benchrest matches had enough numbered and organized targets to coordinate and carry out the match.

    Many thanks to James & Judy for their efforts and help to me during this time. James was one of the guys who really paid attention to the equipment list. I can recall, on several occasions, when he called me asking why I changed bullets, powder, or barrels. He also asked if that’s why I did not win. After the matches, he would always call or text me so he could get the match results.

    After James’ passing on January 1, 2019, I have missed the callsand texts. Especially, after the first match of the year in Orangeburg. As I left the range, I wanted desperately to call James so I could inform my friend of the results. I struggled for a period of time with this and I finally expressed my feelings to Jim Cline. He said, “Bubba, God needed James worse than we did”.

    So with that being said, I know James is sitting at the Right Hand of God, Our Father, as he is telling Him, “Right over there would be a perfect place for a rifle range, so when my buddies get here, we can shoot together again”. I know James is preparing a place in Heaven for the rest of us, and as particular and precise as he is, it will prove to be perfectly laid out for all of us.

    I know James is watching the equipment list and I close by saying, I still miss his calls.

    Ronnie Milford
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    James Lovell

    James was a good man always eager to help and usually the first person to great me when I pulled up to the range for a match. Yes Ronnie he will be missed yet we all should treasure the time he spent on this earth and remember him in our hearts. I am sorry for the loss of your good friend.
    Mike aka Crow KLR

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    Ronnie and Willy, that was a mighty nice thing to do for an old friend, your good folks.
    Charlie Hood

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    I am new to the sport so I really did not know James as well as most of the competitors did. I hear nothing but love for James in the Benchrest community so I will be honored to compete at the James Lovell Memorial to honor a great competitor and friend to all.
    Bill Shaver
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