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    washington.........STATE that is.

    for Coots....

    Figgered you might "enjoy" this since you're a miner.

    I share a portion of my driveway and some of the road out to the 600yd target butts with a rock mining operation.

    We support the mine. (Of course)

    As you well know, most people, even "conservatives" absolutely DO NOT.

    Therefore we try make it to pivotal "public hearings" and such if nothing else just to see how people think but mainly to lend our support.

    Last meeting there's 30+ "people" there shaking fists and ranting against mining and one lone voice of support. My Lovely Wife of some years now. I choose not to speak in public. Because I'm 'wayyy too good at it.

    But I hadda' bite my tongue 'most clean OFF when this female human person got up, slowly surveyed the room and then in an an attempt at scathing rebuke began her rant in this wise........

    "You people!....... You business people!! ....... You lowlife, selfish, profit-driven "Profit Over The Planet" people!!!"

    "You refuse to see the forest for the trees!"


    "You all insist that "we need rock for our roads and infrastructure etc etc" .... But you REFUSE to see the whole picture! BECAUSE you're driven only by greed you will not look to answers that are blindingly OBVIOUS to the rest of us!"

    "Look around you!"

    LOOK AT how the business models are changing! How Amazon has changed the world!"

    The ANSWER is right there in front of you!"

    "You keep insisting that "we need local access to rock products and blahhh blahhh blahhh, and I UNDERSTAND people needing jobs but this is a no-brainer! Just set up a training program and move those people into other job environments where they may well excel in ways you can't even predict and get with the modern times!!!"

    "Others have shown time and again, THE NEW MODEL IS TESTED AND PROVEN, you guys just need to move into the modern world and open trade with China. Everything I buy these days is cheaper BECAUSE smart innovative minds have opened these trade channels. I'm sure there's someone you can call who'll help you get the steps in place...."

    grown-ass woman wants us to boat stones from China........

    AGAIN I say...... how does one argue with this level of ignorance?

    I guess I might should consider the "Good Side"....... I might be able to punch my range out to 1K......right out my loading room window.......


    OK, rant OFF..... off to make my 10:00 pour....

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    AOC's sister??


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    Do you think prime shipping would be free on 50 tons of crushed limestone for my driveway?
    Might have to check on it.

    Joe Hynes

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    You need to open your eyes, see the whole picture, and start ordering your concrete from China as well. I'm picturing a bunch of ships with revolving drums/mixers sticking out their aft end coming and going across the Pacific.

    Did anybody else find it ironic that she thinks the mine should be closed because it's destroying the earth, and that we should let China do the mining and earth destroying and buy rock from them instead?

    Not in my backyard...


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    washington.........STATE that is.
    Ohhh, and it just gets richer speaking of "destroying the planet"

    I quote this from yesterday's local paper (from a rockpit/trucking rant) "and these trucks are allowed to travel our roads uncovered as long as they "exhibit 6 inches of freeboard" so they're cruising down our highways, dust rocks and debris flying all over...... with no regard for our environment"

    Now rocks and dust are harmful to the environment!

    Seriously..... the mining company is considering just stopping operations and letting this county stew in it's own juices

    AND I MIGHT GET that thousand yard shot from my yard!!!

    And my phone's wringing off the hook because I'm a listed FFL and folks are buying semi-autos here in WA as fast as they can...... because We Thee Sheeple Of Thee Right Justificaceous State Of Total Confusion just passed a "law" making all semi-autos into "Assault Rifles".....!!!

















    Yesterday's paper has advertisements "classes offered"..... "2-day course"....... "get your assault rifle license"

    "Not talking about it" shore don't seem to be making it go away

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    Al, your post really got me going. I've met those same self-righteous people at public meetings dealing with timber sales. They believe everything they say and you will never convince them otherwise.

    I was working on a tractor thinning near a county road. It was not a big timber sale and the impact was minimal. A college professor who specialized in the effects of compaction and how it would be detrimental to the little critters who spend their lives in the dirt, suggested we lay down plywood on the skid trails!!! That was never going to happen but she was a recognized member of the environmental community, so it started an outcry. They ended up handing us our shorts because of guidlines which are just that and not law, said there should be no logging activity within x number of feet from a stream that supported anadromous fisheries. There were at least 250 feet of rubble and boulders from mining (sorry Al) between the stream and the timer sale. Any specialist with balls could say our activety would have no impact.... it is easier to just say no and not have to explain your decision to your peers.

    Later some of the older Fir in that stand died and the County requested that any trees which could hit the road be felled. Hazard trees are an automatic cut which we did, and they were cut to log lengths which would enable us to sell them. But because it would be timber sale we couldn't put those logs on a truck. So we ended up letting the fire wood cutters haul it away by the pickup load. The mess that was left is probably still there. Clean up is mandatory under a timber sale...but who cares.

    I could tell a hunderd stories just like this and you would all get bored, and since my blood pressure really sucks,writing this crap is detrimental to my health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liljoe View Post
    Do you think prime shipping would be free on 50 tons of crushed limestone for my driveway?
    Might have to check on it.

    Joe Hynes
    I just blew my Jamison's out my nose! gosh that burns but i don't care who ya are that is FUNNY

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