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Thread: NBRSA management misses the point again june 2019

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    I agree with Wilbur in the fact that ranges are more in tune with what their range, range crew, equipment, and shooters in their region can and will deal with. To put the onus on NBRSA isnít realistic.

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    thank you for your very civil replies.
    i agree clubs should decide what and how they run matches.
    note that several mentioned single day 100/200 matches, which is exactly what the writer
    was asking about/for.
    and again note that managements reply was not supportive of one day matches.
    the reply simply ignored the writers request. another attempt to increase participation
    shoved aside.
    thanks again for listening.

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    Hello mr. retired,
    As the volunteer Editor of the magazine, I respond to the letters I received based on my own experience. I do not always consult with the ďmanagementĒ, as in this letter. Iím sorry you disagree with my thoughts on the issue. I try to be constructive and view issues from both sides of the story. As others have written, the ranges determine the course of fire.

    I would like to discuss this issue with you the next time Iím at Ben Avery range in the Phoenix (you will have to come to me since I donít know who you are), or you can just call me at any time.

    Lee Hachigian
    Editor, Precision Rifleman Magazine

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    Very well put and very understandable to the why's and how comes of it all. Our range only has fifteen benches each at a 100 and 200. It required our range to have moving backers at both distances with half the group shooting at 100 the other half at 200 and then having to switch to complete an event. Even at that it still required having a two day match there was just no way of getting around it. One day was group and the next day score and the awards.

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