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Thread: KRIEGER BARRELS Sponsors 2019 ASSA National Championships

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    KRIEGER BARRELS Sponsors 2019 ASSA National Championships

    Fellow Competitors:

    ASSA is excited to announce that Krieger Barrels Inc. has agreed to partner with us as an official sponsor of the 2019 ASSA National Championships to be held July 6-12 at The Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH.

    This is the second consecutive year that Krieger Barrels Inc. is sponsoring YOUR championships and supporting conventional smallbore rifle competition in the United States.

    Located in Richfield, Wisconsin, Krieger Rifle Barrels is the worldwide premier manufacturer for single-point cut rifle barrels. Their precision barrels are made in calibers from .20 through Four Bore (.936”) and have won countless local, state, regional, national and international competitions.

    In addition to multiple calibers, Kreiger Barrels are also manufactured in multiple twist rates, number of grooves, overall lengths and exterior profiles in support of benchrest, F-Class, highpower, Palma and smallbore rifle disciplines.

    Each barrel - either from chrome moly or stainless steel - is manufactured to the highest quality standards and are precision lapped to exacting tolerances.

    For additional information on the 2019 ASSA Smallbore Championships and portal for on-line entry, visit our web site at:

    We look forward to our continued partnership with Krieger Barrels and seeing you at the 2019 ASSA Smallbore Rifle Championships.

    Best Regards,

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    I built a rifle to for a memorial raffle and Krieger barrels treated us amazingly! Couldn’t believe the treatment and hold them in the highest esteem. Great company!

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