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Thread: VihtaVuori/Lapua Rifle Tuning Clinic at the Chippewa Rifle Range - Sat. Aug. 3rd

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    VihtaVuori/Lapua Rifle Tuning Clinic at the Chippewa Rifle Range - Sat. Aug. 3rd

    Hey Guys and Gals...

    I would like to extend an invitation to everyone to attend a comprehensive, full-day VihtaVuori/Lapua Rifle Tuning Clinic I will be conducting at the Chippewa Rifle Range in Easton, OH (Just west of Kelbly’s) on Saturday August 3rd.

    If you’re a new Benchrest shooter, seasoned veteran or even an informal target shooter or hunter, whom are looking to maximize the accuracy from your BR or bolt-action rifles. This clinic will help you gain many new shooting skills to improve your Benchrest success going forward!

    My clinic will kick-off at 10:00AM starting with a detailed 2 hour classroom presentation all phases on Lapua Case preparation, Neck-turning, VihtaVuori rifle tuning, group formation and bullet hole interpretation, match strategies, Flag reading, mirage use and also wind shooting techniques with lots of open Q &A.

    At 12:00PM, The Chippewa Rifle Club will provide a Hamburger and Hot Dog lunch break to all attendees.

    At 1:00PM, I will also conduct a comprehensive, hands-on Benchrest rifle shooting training clinic on the Chippewa Rifle range, covering proper rifle-cleaning techniques, Front Rest and Rear Bag proper set-up, gun-handling do’s and don’ts, proper group timing, clock/time management and many other tips and techniques!

    I will be providing all components necessary to shoot including, rifles, front rests and rear bags, bullets, powder, etc…. You are welcome to bring your own rifle and equipment for your use and evaluation.

    At the end of my clinic, I will be raffling off some quantities of VihtaVuori N133 Powder!

    The complete seminar cost is $75.00 dollars.

    Please note, 100% of the $75.00 dollar Rifle Tuning Clinic fee goes entirely to the Chippewa Rifle Range.

    Space is limited to the first 30-shooters who sign-up!

    Please mail this registration form with your $75.00 check payable to: Chippewa Rifle Club, 1935 Mattingly Rd., Hinckley, OH 44233
    First Name:_____________________________________________ _______
    Last Name:_____________________________________________ ________
    Street Address:__________________________________________ ________
    City:____________________________ State:________________ Zip Code:_______________
    E-mail:______________________________________ Phone#:_________________________

    Please feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions.

    Jack Neary – Team Lapua

    Cell: 440-590-5299

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    Sent in my payment today............Also got confirmation on my Chippewa membership. GOT to get better at this stuff....


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    Bob Blaine

    My checque is in the mail. Time to get some of the rough edges polished off of myself and the new barrel!


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