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    30 BR barrel

    I had a local gunsmith chamber a barrel in 30BR for my HV gun. He isn't a Benchrest gunsmith but seems to have a pretty good reputation. He left the barrel too long but as I wasn't going to shoot it in registered matches I didn't complain. I was there when he did the barrel and I was surprised to see that he never used any indicators to set up the barrel on the lathe. He just grabbed it in an rubber Jacobs chuck in the headstock and used a steady rest on the other end. He swapped the ends of the barrel back and forth in some kind of process that I lost track of. I can pretty much shoot clean with it but seem to run out at 17 Xs or so. Didn't think about this too much until yesterday when I was measuring some of my 6 PPC brass in a case gauge and decide to do the same thing with the 30BR brass. Well the 30BR brass wouldn't drop all the way into the case gauge, fired or sized. I had some older 30BR brass from another gun that did drop right in to the gauge so I measured both cases at the .200 area at the base and found that the case that didn't fit was .003 larger than the other one. I'm guessing that this shows how you can "wallow" out the chamber by not being finicky about the set up. Should of given it to Larry Baggett to do.
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