Fellow Competitors:

American Smallbore Shooting Association (ASSA) is proud to announce that SEB Rests is an official sponsor of the 2019 ASSA F-Class Smallbore Championships to be held July 6-9 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio.

This is the second consecutive year that SEB Rests has partnered with ASSA to promote the growth of F-SBR in the United States.

SEB Rests is the #1 F-class rest manufacturer in the world with premier products that include the NEO and MAX rests and the unique JOY-pod bipod. Each rest is assembled and tuned by Sebastian Lambang, the owner of SEB Rests, to ensure smooth proper operation. The quality and detailed engineering incorporated into the design of each rest is evident with the large number of SEB rests and JOY-pods used by benchrest and F-Class competitors attending - and WINNING - world and national championship matches.

Based in Indonesia, SEB Rests also offers accessories that provide optimal support and true tracking of the rifle with every shot fired. The rear “Bigfoot” bags provide ultimate stability and the top ears are lined with special materials to minimize friction during recoil.

For additional information regarding SEB Rests visit their web site at: www.sebrests.com.

You can also contact one of their US distributors:
Ernie Bishop
Gillete, WY 82716

Mike Ratigan
Woodward, Oklahoma 73801-1707

ASSA is focused on working to increase F-SBR competition across the United States. The direct input received from F-SBR competitors allowed ASSA to formally recognize F-SBR as an official event in less than a year after initial discussions. F-SBR has a huge growth potential due to the many synergies with the smallbore prone “sling” events.

For additional information regarding ASSA, the 2019 ASSA Championships or for contact information, visit our website at: www.americansmallbore.com

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