Well with the second to last Firearms Industry Super Shoot to be held at Kelbly's starting next week, we have competitors from across the World already on site. Currently we are approaching 200 competitors same as last few years. The weather for next week is looking good with temperatures from low 50's at night to 70's during the day. Right now, not much rain in forecast, but you know how that can change, especially for the Super Shoot. The current situation on camping is, as with most eastern shoots this year, is muddy conditions. So if you are bringing a camper to Super Shoot and once you arrive and find you are not able to place your camper without tearing up our property, please find one of us Kelbly's and ask us to place your trailer for you with our tractor. Also please keep your vehicles on the driveways as much as you can. We are not a place for off roading and it definitely saves us a lot of work after the match in getting our property back in order.

We are looking forward to another great match, hope you can make it this year or next year for the last BR match to be held at Kelbly's, since we have no plans for future matches.