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Thread: Blackening stainless at home

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    Blackening stainless at home

    I know there may some flames on this one, and maybe I will learn more than I already have while pursuing this venture, but I thought I would share an experience with a product
    . I am not a pro and only pursuing this for my own hobby.
    I was looking to blacken stainless barrels, and came across a product by a company called Sur-Fin. They sell various oxidizers and the stainless product is quite good.
    There is a method to get a deep black, but the outcome is a near factory bluing. When you apply to the metal per instructions there will be an almost grey haze left on the metal. What I found is that if I gently buff that haze away with some leather, beneath is the deeper blue/black.
    This stuff is very reactive with other metals/coatings so you don't want to get it on anything you don't mean to, but it does not alter the surface beyond ruining any coating (including melonite) that is present.
    You will need to seal the treated surface with a clear coat, and I came across Diamond clear coat by KBS coatings. I do not have a spray gun so I had to use the spray can to get a good finish, but the results were excellent.
    KBS claims that the coating is highly solvent resistant and specifically cleaning solvents used in firearms.
    I do wish they had a matte finish, but the satin came out decent.
    I can speak to the tenacity of the coating as my first attempt with the oxidizing agent left the barrel more of a grey/charcoal and I had to remove the 3 layers of clear coat.
    Acetone wasn't cutting it, and I had to use a wire wheel on a drill to get the coating off.
    I will be curious to know how well it holds up to long term cleaning solvents, but initially it looks good.
    I will try to post a pic of the barrel in its final state. Please know that I left the muzzle untouched as far as the solvent and clear coat.
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    I've tried a couple stainless "blacks" - and what really sets them apart in my experience is durability. Most will create a pleasing finish initially, but then some rub right off (as in immediately) or wear like a cheap cold blue. I haven't used it long enough to fully endorse it, but "Insta-Blak" affiliation) seems to work pretty well. Good initial results and no visible wear yet, though my 'sample' has seen very little use as of yet.


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    Thank you Mike!

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