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Thread: Harrison Sportsmanís Club

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    Harrison Sportsmanís Club

    Will again be hosting 100 yard score matches this year.
    The matches begin at 10:00 AM and the gate is open at 8:00AM
    The dates are all the second Saturday of the month
    May 11
    June 8
    July 13
    August 10
    September 14
    We hope to see all the old faces and as many new faces as we can handle.
    The targets are numbered to accommodate three relays but weíll happily scribble some fourth relay targets
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    I spoke to the President today. Oh, Guy Silva, President of Harrison Sportsmanís Club. He assured me the range is in readiness and waiting for the First BR match at Harrison on May 11. The gates are open at 8:00AM and the shooting fun starts at 10:00AM after a few kind words about Dick Wright, who really got the BR program started in Harrison and Michigan.
    Of course, you can warm up a week earlier at East Tawas.

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