Thank you to everyone who came out to shoot with us this weekend.
Yesterday was a rough start to the weekend with the high winds and cold weather.

We appreciate you coming back today for the Texas State.

Marion Collier took 1st place in the club tournament yesterday shooting an aggregate of 1880.83 T1-2150, T2-1850. T3-1925, T4-2025, T5-1585, T6-1750

Fred Jamison took 2nd place with an aggregate of 1797.50.
T1-1650, T2-1700, T3-1950, T4-1850, T5-1725, T6-1910

Jerry Hensler took 3rd with an aggregate of 1785.00.
T1-1700, T2-1775, T3-1875, T4-1875,T5-1850, T6-1635

ARA Texas State Shoot.

Jerry Smith 1st place with an aggregate of 2212.50
T1-2075, T2-2300, T3-2275, T4-2100, T5-2200, T6-2325

Marion Collier 2nd place with an aggregate of 2170.83
T1-2025, T2-2025, T3-2275, T4-2200, T5-2300, T6-2200

Fred Jamison 3rd place with an aggregate of 2150.00
T1-1750, T2-2100, T3-2125, T4-2450, T5-2175, T6-2300

Eddie Robertson had high card on T1-2325

Congratulations to everyone and we look forward to seeing you again!