My Club is now Anti-Competition

I am a member of a club in Australia. We have about 1,400 registered members of which we are lucky to see less than half attend the range in a given year.

Many are what are fondly known as 'Magazine Members', they registered as members (and paid the fee) to justify their firearms licence conditions. As many of them are hunters I respect their choice. So they receive the SSAA magazine as part of their membership (hence the nickname).

Last December (2018) a member was elected to the club committee by utilising multiple proxy votes from 'magazine members' most of whom we have not seen before or since, but apparently quite legitimate as all names were checked.

One immediate consequence was that our monthly competitions were cancelled.

Excuses given ranged from 'Not enough participants to warrant the prizes' to 'The same people win all the time'

The prize money was not an issue, entry fees covered that. As for winning, the people who practised often seemed to do better than the casual shooters, although much time was expended to assist new competitors with practical hands on assistance and advice.

Now a new regime of 'A few big competitions a year with big prizes' has been promised after protests from the regular monthly competitors. Of course, the prizes are redeemable only only at the business of our new committee member, who just happens to own a gun-shop.

Any ideas how to stop this rot my fellow competitors?

(I don't want to join another club)

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