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Thread: Open Grove USARB Outdoor Results 3-10-19

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    Open Grove USARB Outdoor Results 3-10-19

    Conditions were almost exactly like January; sunny/cloudy & bright, nice & cool though. Lite winds but ~switchy as usual. We missed February for the rain.

    Welcomed 2 new shooters; Penny & Michael, FT shooters are new to benchrest. Im pretty sure they enjoyed.

    Match 1
    LV: Doug Miller & young Abdul Lababedy took 1st & 2nd.
    HV: Kim Zussman & Lou Fontana for 1st & 2nd

    Match 2 -
    HV: Kim & Doug for 1st & 2nd. Nod to Abdul for 3rd place

    Match 1 Results
    Light Varmint
    1) Doug Miller 245-5x, 243-6x, 244-8x = 732-19x
    2) Abdul Lababedy 242-3x, 241-7x, 245-6x = 728-16x
    3) Vipha Miller 244-9x, 241-7x, 242-6x = 727-22x
    4) Bob Graybill 237-4x, 242-5x, 230-3x = 709-12x

    Heavy Varmint
    1) Kim Zussman 247-9x, 246-11x, 248-10x = 741-30x
    2) Lou Fontana 249-8x, 245-6x, 247-10x = 741-24x
    3) Chris Wilson 245-9x, 246-5x, 247-8x = 738-22x
    4) Dave Spagnolo 241-7x, 247-8x, 247-14x = 735-29x
    5) Michael Kaufman 238-2x, 244-7x, 245-5x = 727-14x
    6) T.J. Kendall 231-4x, 240-6x, 238-3x = 709-13x
    7) Eugene Tseng 243-5x, 244-4x, 222-0x = 709-9x
    8) Perry Haberman 200-0x, 201-0x, 224-4x = 625-4x

    Match 2 Results
    Heavy Varmint
    1) Kim Zussman 248-8x, 249-11x, 248-12x = 745-31x
    2) Doug Miller 249-12x, 247-12x, 247-6x = 743-30x
    3) Abdul Lababedy 244-8x, 247-8x 246-7x = 737-23x
    4) Dave Spagnolo 244-5x, 249-6x, 242-7x= 735-18x
    5) Lou Fontana 246-11x, 245-6x, 242-9x = 733-26x
    6) Bob Graybill 243-7x, 241-6x, 249-9x =733-22x
    7) Chris Wilson 243-5x, 242-6x, 242-8x = 727-19x
    8) Vipha Miller 238-2x, 240-6x, 241-7x = 719-15x
    9) T.J. Kendall 239-6x, 234-3x, 237-8x = 710-17x
    10) Michael Kaufman 232-3x, 232-3x, 227-1x = 691-7x
    11) Perry Haberman 227-0x, 217-2x, 216-1x = 660-3x

    We always thank; Vipha for good eats, Kim the bagels & we missed Dennis & his donuts!

    Thank you again Tim McMurray from MAC-1 for taking the long drive, providing high quality air and scoring the targets and his good humor.

    Thank you Joe F. for providing the excellent range, backers, targets, scoring, and being a good friend!

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