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Thread: Tomball Gun Club Results

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    Tomball Gun Club Results

    We had 80% chance of rain in the forecast for Saturdays shoot and I think it rained for maybe 2 minutes.
    Winds started out of the south in the morning switching to a 10 to 15 out of the north by lunch time.

    Ray Perry handled the conditions well to take top honers in the Texas State Hunter with a 496-20x
    Congratulations to Ray Perry!

    Dwayne Pullum handled the conditions as well also to take top honers in The Battle of San Jacinto VFS with a 500-29x
    Congratulation to Dwayne Pullum!

    Thanks to the Tomball Gun Club for allowing us to run these matches.

    HTR 100 yds
    1 Ray Perry 250-15x
    2 Mike Wall 248-12x
    3 Rodney Landry 246-8x

    HTR 200 yds
    1 Ray Perry 246-5x
    2 Mike Wall 241-7x
    3 Rodney Landry 233-4x

    HTR Grand
    1 Ray Perry 496-20x
    2 Mike Wall 489-19x
    3 Rodney Landry 479-12x

    VFS 100 yds
    1 Dwayne Pullum 250-21x
    2 Ed Bernabeo 250-19x
    3 Renard Alexander 250 18x

    VFS 200 yds
    1 Dwayne Pullum 250-8x
    2 Larry Deese 250-1x
    3 Richard Pullum 249-5x

    VFS Grand
    1 Dwayne Pullum 500-29x
    2 Larry Deese 500-17x
    3 Richard Pullum 499-21x

    Thanks to everyone that made the match.
    Our next NBRSA match will be the Texas State VFS on April 27.


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    Good shooting to all who were there.

    Congratulations Dwayne and Ray!

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    Congrats to Ray and Dwayne. Those are great scores for Tomball.

    Wish I could have been there. For the time being, Saturday is just another work day at our shop. Tomball is my home club, and I was looking forward to the two Registered VFS Matches this year.

    Maybe next year.

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    Congratulations, Ray and Dwayne! Someone, please, have Ray look at his drivers license, and act his age! RG

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