The Quail Creek Airgun Club in Green Valley, AZ is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Saguaro Classic, April 26,27,28, 2019.

The Saguaro Classic is the Quail Creek Airgun Club’s Premier event of the season. Three competitions are held in two days. This year, includes a new event for big bore enthusiasts. A barbecue lunch is provided each day of competition as well as a Banquet at the Quail Creek Clubhouse on Saturday evening. Cash prizes, medals and trophies are awarded in each event. This event has received high praise from participants and we anticipate an even better event this year. Our range has 20 shooting lanes and is the largest, dedicated airgun range in the US. It has been recently renovated and we can now hold competitions out to 100 yards. Registration Fee is $150. The Registration form and more information can be found on our website:
1. 25 Meter, 3 target competition. Timed event, 20 minutes per target. Maximum of .22 Caliber, Unlimited Class and Springer Class
2. “Chicken Little”, Silhouette competition. 1/5th scale silhouettes placed at 40, 50, 60 and 70 yards. A ram, turkey, pig and chicken are placed at each yardage, therefore “Chicken Little”. The chicken is very little at 70 yards! 4 rounds, only 16 shots per round. In the event of ties, a shoot off of 4 chickens at 70 yards will determine the winner. Timed event, 10 minutes per round. This is our Signature event that requires accuracy, wind reading ability and strategy. Plus it is great for spectators. Maximum of .25 Caliber, Unlimited Class and Springer Class.
3. New this year. 75 yard qualifier. 100 yard finals. 50% of qualifiers shoot in the finals. This is a timed event, 40 minutes per target. Maximum of 30 Caliber. Unlimited Class.
4. All competition is from a bench rest. Separate front and rear rests or a bipod with rear rest are allowed. Only diablo shaped pellets are allowed, no cast bullets.
5. On Friday, the practice day, time will be allowed for 25 meter, 75/100 yard and Chicken Little. The Chicken Little will be paper and the stands we will be using can be easily moved from 40 to 70 yards for scope adjustment. The steel silhouettes have been freshly painted for the matches and will not be used for practice