We found out that the match scheduled for June 8-9 at Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club was the same date as the Boop Memorial at Weikert. Since many shooters who would attend Roanoke will likely go to the Boop instead, and Gil Gross couldn't come up with an alternate date, Gil decided to cancel the June shoot. The Ted Manning Challenge scheduled for September 28-29 is still on the schedule.

Here is the updated Southeast Region schedule

NBRSA Southeast Region Schedule 2019
Date Range Shoot Class
Mar 16-17 MGGOA Dublin GA Shamrock XVIII LV-HV 100-200
Apr 6-7 Riverbend Dawsonville GA Gene Mowell Memorial LV-HV 100-200
Sept 14-15 Riverbend Dawsonville GA Brady Knight Memorial LV-HV 100-200
Sept 28-29 Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club Ted Manning Challenge LV-HV 100-200
Oct 31-Nov 3 MGGOA Dublin GA Southeast Regional Champ 4gun UL-SP-LV-HV 100-200