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    The One Piece Rest

    The one piece rest.

    In rimfire benchrest (RFBR) unlimited classes we have been using one piece rests for quite awhile. There are many different models, with many different features.
    Most RFBR shooters today use one piece rest exclusively, some have never even shot off a two piece sand bag system.

    Does shooting a one piece rest improve your scores? They certainly eliminate alignment issues, they are much faster to acquire the target, and they return to battery better than two piece sandbag systems.
    With all that, one would think they would improve your scores. But the truth is they do not guarantee better scores. There is nothing about most one piece rest that aids accuracy directly.
    I say most because I know of at least one rest that does directly aid accuracy. The pics at the bottom show some of the more popular one piece rests available today.

    In the early days of RFBR everyone used two piece sandbag systems just like centerfire bench rest. Rimfire shooting disciplines copied many of the rules of centerfire.

    So how did we get to this place where one piece rests are the norm. BR 50 and ARA changed the game. They opened up the rules.
    They wanted to attract as many shooters as possible and they wanted truly unlimited competitions. Basically if you could put it on a bench top, and it fired a .22LR cartridge it was legal. Later on PSL followed suit.

    In the early days of ARA one would see full blown rail guns on the line. Not many of them had much success. It turns out rail guns are better suited for group shooting.
    Most rail gun designs do not lend themselves to being maneuverable. On the other hand our one piece rests are designed for score matches, and they are quick and handy.

    When I got my first one piece rest I thought it would be the only one I would ever need. I didnít see much that needed improvement.
    But as often happens shooters find ways to improve the equipment we use. Seems there is always a better idea. Over time, many small improvements have been made.
    Mostly in the dials, and areas that contact the rifle itself.

    But what I want to talk about now is more than just small improvements. I want to talk about a near a paradigm shift in one piece rests.
    One that has been around for awhile but I just recognized it recently.

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to try Mark Tracyís rifle, and rest, built by Ivan Wells.
    I have seen Ivanís rest many times but I didnít really study it. His design has taken the one piece rest to the next level.
    He uses many features found on rail guns but designed them into a system that can be maneuvered quickly and with great dexterity.
    Not only is his rest the next level, it is a thing of beauty.

    Ivan calls his rifle, stock, and rest, a ďpackageĒ, and it truly is. The rifle/stock has to be designed to work with the rest.

    I only fired a few shots with Markís rifle but it was immediately apparent this was a whole different experience than shooting a normal one piece rest. It is truly impressive.

    I will not go into all the features of the Ivan rest. Iíll leave that to Ivan should he choose to. But I do want to bring recognition to this package as it certainly deserves it.

    Let me kill the rumors before they start. Iím not trying to sell Ivan packages, I don't intend to buy one, and I donít think Ivan is about to start large scale production for the general public.
    He builds his packages when he wants, and for whom he wants. There is so much work into making these, I donít see how anyone could make a profit without setting up a dedicated CNC shop.
    Donít expect to see many of them on the line anytime soon, and that may be a good thing for the rest of us. .

    This post is to simply bring attention to advancements Ivan has brought to our game. With that said, there is nothing stopping anyone from following Ivanís lead and building their own.

    Ivanís packages (rifles/stocks/rests) have accounted for more ARA 2500s than any other gunsmiths, and that speaks volumes. Ivan likes to say he is a numbers guy.
    Iím sure that is true, but he is also an artist. His machine work is not only functional but it is beautiful too.

    Thanks Mark Tracy, and Ivan Wells for allowing me to experience the precision of your equipment.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ivan's rest:
    Click image for larger version. 

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