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Thread: 2019 RFBR Shooting Season

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    2019 RFBR Shooting Season

    2019 Shooting Season

    Now is the time to set your RFBR shooting goals for the 2019.

    One of the best places to start is on the ARA, PSL, and IR 50/50 websites. On these sites you can find many challenges to pursue. In this post I hope to point out a few.

    Starting with IR 50/50 one could look at the IR 50/50 website, ( ) under the Results tab you will find “Outdoor Results”, “Indoor Results”, and “Other”.
    Under the “Other” Tab you will find Records, 750 Club, Super X man, In the Hat, X man, Hall of Fame, and Past Champions Archive.

    I recommend you start with Hall of Fame. Locate your name and see how many points you need to advance to the next level.
    If you are already at the Gold level see how many points you need to catch the guy or guys ahead of you. Set your goal.
    Where do you want to be on this list? Once you decide you need to make plans to attend the matches that will allow you to earn those points.

    Perhaps the Hall of Fame isn’t your interest, maybe you want to win one of the many titles available. If so, look under the Past Champions tab.
    There you will find a list of the titles that can be earned in any given year. Find one or more that you would like to win.
    Study the names on the lists. Chances are these shooters are still competing, they may be the ones you will need to beat.
    Learn about these guys, where they shoot, the scores they put up, and how they are performing at matches leading up to the big match.
    Then build your schedule so you can come to your peak at the big match.

    In short, know what you want to achieve, know what it will take to achieve it, and focus on your objective.
    This is no different than any other pursuit in life. There are many books on this subject and I’m not trying to repeat them here.

    Maybe you are not interested in National titles. Maybe you want to win at your local club.
    If that is your bag the best way to go about that is to go to one of the National Matches and see what these guys are doing to win.
    Check out the equipment being used, ask questions. You will learn more at one National Match than you will shooting the entire season at one local range.

    The PSL website ( will tell you all about the PSL matches and how to qualify for the Main Event.
    When I became interested in the PSL my objective was to win just one event. I suggest you start with that objective too.
    If you start by wanting to win the Main Event you may be aiming too high, sure it has happened that way, but more than likely you will lose your motivation.
    Winning a single PSL is a big deal and not an easy task. You only have four chances a year and you will have to travel to get those chances.
    Winning a PSL event is achievable but it is a high goal. All the best shooters will be there.
    Winning a PSL is on par with winning the ARA Nationals or the IR 50/50 Nationals 6 -gun.

    The ARA website ( ) provides a great amount of information about ARA events and challenges.

    The rewards one can receive from shooting ARA are many.
    ARA offers an Outdoor National “A” line and an indoor National “A” line, outdoor National Aggregate line, and indoor National aggregate line.
    In both unlimited and sporter. Not to mention State and National Championships.

    ARA also has a Hall of Fame. They break it down into outdoor, and indoor, in both Unlimited and Sporter.

    The highest goal one can set in RFBR is winning the ARA Nationals either Indoor or outdoor.
    You only get one chance a year at these and they are always well attended by the best shooters in the country as well as some from outside the country.

    On par with the ARA Nationals is the Triple Crown. One can argue winning the Triple Crown is even harder than winning the ARA Nats.
    I won’t debate that here, but I will say winning either one will put a pretty big feather in your cap.

    This post has been all about winning and the desire to win. I’ve heard some people really don’t shoot to win, they just like hanging out with the guys and shooting rifles.
    If that is true, I love everyone one of them, and I hope they are at every match I shoot this year.
    Good luck with your planning. See you on the firing line.

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