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I'm pretty much with Maisto on this. We send our guys to defend our nation when they are 18. How many cops do you see at 18?


You don't see 18 year old cops because every agency that I'm familiar with has a minimum age requirement of 21. I was 21 and a month when I started the police academy. My wife was 22 when she started. Some agencies will send you to an Academy at 20 1/2 as you will be 21 upon graduation.

When I was 18, I couldn't find my ass with both hands and a flashlight. No way should I have been a cop at that age.

And Francis is correct. Not all of our troops are 18 and headed off to combat. About 80% of our military are in non-combat positions. The last time we sent teenagers en mass off to combat was Vietnam, and we screwed up a lot of young men's minds doing so. The ones we send today, in an all-voluntary military, likely want to be there. And what a special breed they are.

18 is awfully young to be dropped-off, against your will, in some far-off land to get shot at on behalf of your country. And IMHO, having been a copper for almost 30 years, 18 is too young to be a cop. Trust me...you don't want a bunch of 18 year old cops running around.