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    Kudos to Kelbly's

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Kelbly's customer service.

    Last month while fire forming I ran into a bad batch of primers I think and ended up with some etching on my bolt face. I asked Jim if they could take a look at it and even though there were no mechanical or safety concerns, he said send it in. They ended up cleaning it up and had it back within a few days, for the cost of return shipping.

    While it was out, I got to thinking it might be a good idea to have a spare bolt on hand. I already had a spare firing pin assembly so I placed an order for another bolt body. Three weeks later it arrived in the mail with an invoice. Not too many companies would do that!

    I also wanted to let everyone know, because this was news to me, that they're now offering the sako extractor as an option on their bolts. I had Alex Wheeler do the sako modification on my first bolt and with a few coils removed from the ejector spring it's been 100% reliable and never throws a case clear off the table.

    An extra bonus for me was this bolt came with spiral fluting. I know that's standard but my first bolt had a solid body. Much to my surprise, it saved me a full ounce of weight, which paired with combination (double screw front, single screw rear) Loh rings, now allows me to make 10.5lbs with the new Valdada 36x I just picked up. Pretty stoked all the way around!

    Thank you Jim and Ian for living up to your reputation for unbeatable customer service.

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