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Thread: Thank you Wayne Wills

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    Thank you Wayne Wills

    The New Year brings us a new owner of IR5050. Jason Frymier is an enthusiastic shooter and I think he will bring a lot of energy and do a great job.

    However, this post is about thanking Wayne Wills (and his family) for the job he has done the last 4 years at the helm of 5050. The target count stabilized and several of his efforts have made this a better league:
    • Match Results are up on the site very quickly. Often a weekend’s matches are up on Sunday night or Monday. If they didn’t get up it was almost always a result of a technical problem or poorly submitted results. Anyone who has been shooting for more than 4 years can remember how long we waited for results sometimes.
    • Wayne introduced 2 new match types- Sporter Match and 10 Shot. For those of us with a special fondness for shooting Sporter it’s been gratifying to see that 5050 continues to be the home of Sporter shooting.
    • The Rulebook he inherited was convoluted and redundant and he slimmed it down quite a bit while clarifying conflicts while eliminating many unnecessary rules.
    • Providing certified weights to all clubs was a great idea to clear up conflicts that inaccurate scales caused in the past.
    • Clarifying the Sporter Rules regarding the contour of stocks and providing jigs to use in applying those rules.
    • Enforcing rules for Match Procedures was a great step forward. Requiring ranges to adhere to rules such as random drawing of benches rankled some but in my opinion created a better climate of fairness.
    • Hall of Fame points that hadn’t been included from past years were added to the site. For some shooters this amounted to quite a few points.
    • The ir5050 Site was revised with many new features.
    • Wayne is a big supporter of the Triple Crown. The largest Rimfire event in the US couldn’t have existed without the enthusiastic support of the owner of 5050.
    • He co-sponsored - with Clint Swigert- the Super X-Man competition. For the first time 5050 shooters competed for some serious money.

    I’m sure I’m leaving things out… feel free to chime in.

    I’ve heard all the rumors that I owned half of 5050 but I can assure you that it was all Waynes’. Wayne inherited me because I was working on the site for Bill Hingardner when it was sold. I continued to do site work and was often a sounding board for Wayne and he was always thinking about the shooters and what would work better. Little things like having 750 pins created were a nice touch. He is a true friend of the shooting sports and I have really enjoyed working with him these last 4 years.

    Jason… it’s all yours now. Make us proud.

    Bruce Hornstein

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    Nice post Bruce! I concur wholeheartedly.
    A couple things I'd like to add is the open line with Wayne.
    The other thing was his unwillingness for any significant change to the classes we all shoot. That right there showed me his heart is in the right place.
    Thank You Wayne, Kay, & Anna for all you've done!


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