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Thread: Gentler 6mm 65gr boat tails

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlm View Post
    That's on the label of the bullets I purchased when shooting in Kane in in the 2000s.
    They shot well.

    Jim M
    Generic is the name of bullets made by Gary Conaway. I believe he lives in Ohio. James

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    Don's bullets


    Don made two different bullets and he called them "blackbird" and "mojo". He was producing them for many years and about a year before he stopped making bullets with those dies, he bought a new die and he just called them "boattails".

    My barrels liked his "blackbirds" while other shooters I know preferred his "mojo" bullets. I did jump his blackbirds but found that didn't work out so well with his mojo's.

    Each barrel and chamber knows what it likes and many times when I asked Don a question he would tell me to go to the range and test things out.

    Bill McIntyre

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    Martin Zuck...

    ...I sent you a PM...
    Kent Harshman

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