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Thread: Thank you for 2018

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    Thank you for 2018

    As 2018 comes to a close and we get ready for the 2019 shooting season I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people that made 2018 a great shooting season for me.

    That includes everyone that I shot matches with, and even the guys that put a whooping on me. But I'm talking about a special group of guys.

    As a matter of fact if it wasnít for these guys none of us would be able to enjoy our shooting sports. I, like others, too often take them for granted.

    Of course Iím talking about our Match Directors, and Range Officers. They put in a lot of work and effort to get everything ready for our shoots.

    Many of them donít even get to shoot themselves because they are so busy taking care of everything.

    I want to tell every Match Director and Range Officer thank you for all you do. It is appreciated.

    I would like to give a big shout out to the guys below they are the Directors and Range Officers at the ranges I shot at in 2018.

    Hope to see these guys, and others in 2019.

    Chief City Shooters, Pontiac, IL . --- J.D. Pflager

    Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, Jacksonville, Fl --- Bill Smith

    Salem Pistol & Rifle Club, Salem, NY --- Todd Banks

    WallKill Rod and Gun Club, Wallkill, NY
    Wawarsing Rod and Gun Club Napanoch, NY --- Bob Griffin

    Bulls Eye, Vale NC
    Iredell, Stony Point,NC --- Harvey Reese

    Fairchance Gun Club, Smithfield, Pa ---Nestor Hernandez

    Farrierís Run, Indiana, Pa
    Wilson Range, Indiana, Pa ---Jim Peightal

    McKeesport Sportsmenís Association, North Versailles, Pa --- David T. Zosack

    Kettlefoot, Bristol, Va ---Jim Jones

    Piney Hill Club, Luray, Va. --- Chris Bogard

    Braxton Gun Owners, Flatwoods, WV.--- Jason Frymier

    Lincoln County Rifle Club, Damariscotta, ME --- Keith Royal

    Capitol City Rifle and Pistol Club, Augusta ME --- Donna Grant

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    Thank You TKH

    Geez Tony you sure did put the miles on this year! Wow! Of course the scuttlebutt was you chasing the HOF points which I'm positive is true. However, in the discussions I've had with you I've never met someone with the the passion you have for IR50. And when you told me you wanted to see all the ranges, I believe you! Thanks for being the ambassador that you are!
    I'd echo what Tony said above with you match directors. Thank You!
    Also to Wayne, Kay, & Anna for carrying the torch, & Jason for picking it up!


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