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Thread: ISO Remington 40X 22LR

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    ISO Remington 40X 22LR

    I am looking for a Remington 40X 22Lr. rifle. Preferably unmodified. If anyone has one for sale let me know. Pics. of rifle would be great. Daniel 1-336-374-8117

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    Lots of options ?

    Heavy Barrel /Checkered Bolt Knob Rem 700 action aprox 17500 came thru the US government via CMP plus many commercial rifles sold

    Standard Barrel /Round Bolt knob Remington 721 action Aprox 17500 came thru the US Government via CMP not many commercial rifles sold but a few

    Remington Custom Shop offered Repeaters , crosscourse rifles and 22RFBR rifles ! I may have what you want if you be a little bit more specific !

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