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Thread: Question on lube

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    Question on lube

    Just wondering what type of lube you folks are using on your rails, I use Silicone oil, I was running a Unlimited club match last month and was keeping very busy running targets along with trying to shoot, reload and clean! Trying to save time I was only cleaning every other group, (5 shot matches) and cleaning the gun on the base, on the bench. My groups kept getting bigger throughout the day and i assumed that I was out of tune and kept changing loads and seating. Second to the last match I took the top off and oiled the balls and rails. Won Small group... evidently my rails got dry even though it seemed to track just fine. Iím wondering if there is maybe a better lube out there that lasts longer? Most important thing i learned was taking shortcuts very seldom pay off in the end, at least I learned it at a club match and not a registered match way out of town!


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    I use Super ball lube for railguns from Benchrite.

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