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Thread: Kudos to Lee Hachigian

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    Kudos to Lee Hachigian

    Per the minutes of the recent BOD meeting, last year Lee Hachigian retired from “GE motors” and offered to undertake the role of Editor of the monthly magazine “at no cost to the NBRSA except his expenses to the annual shot show in order to sell advertising for the magazine.”

    Although I’m not a fan of the magazine and its related expense to the NBRSA (which in the past has included a base salary and 50% commission of advertising income), given that the BOD seems determined to maintain the magazine, I’m very impressed with Lee’s offer.

    Lee, kudos to you!

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    Lee has been a great contributor for many years, especially to newer shooters. Lee, thanks for this newest addition to your many efforts to help us all/Chuck

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