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Thread: ThanksGivin and NBRSA

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    ThanksGivin and NBRSA

    We are proud to be
    1.) Member of Elite shooting group that is referenced/copied/emulated/envied/looked up
    to by all of shooting sport enthusiast throughout the world.
    2.)An organization of shooters that competes on a local, regional, national and
    world level.
    3.)An organization that continues to improve rifle accuracy.
    4.) An organization with long and proud history of distinction/success in the Shooting Sports.

    For less than Franklin ($$$$) you can be a member of this organization with full participation rights.

    A thankful Iowa shooter where the 4R's are
    Redin, Ritin, Rithtick and Reslin

    Hope to see you on the range 2019

    PS--My next post will be about ideas/suggestions/consideration for continual improving NBRSA
    That will be after ThanksGivin

    Thank you Wilbur for this venue/dialog site!!!!!!
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    Thumbs up DITTO, Doc!

    Well stated, Doc - can't wait to hear your further thoughts.RG

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