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Thread: Local To Pittsburgh ( 2hrs ) SR-BR Comps ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R.Morehouse View Post
    Thanks for the help guys. Yeah i'm good to go for the long range stuff and there is some real good local club shooting around the Pgh. area. I am looking real forward to shooting over a field of flags this next season.. I have a nice set of my own but always being a "lone wolf" so to say, i have never sat at line of benches full of ppc shooters shooting over a a lot of flags. It will be nice to meet some new faces and hone my bench manners and wind reading through observation....

    We are close to each other so I'd certainly like to meet up and shoot with you. Maybe we can learn a thing or two. That's what I'm trying to do anyway. My neighbor also shoots a PPC so that makes three of us. I'll be shooting at Fairchance next Spring and dragging neighbor Dan with me. That's the goal. It will be his first match and I'll be trying I to finish better than I did last year. You should come too if you can manage a weekend.

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    I am looking forward to getting down there. It's only about 1.5hrs from me all main roads, a bit closer than Kane. I guess the best thing to do is make a call down that way to get the full schedule of matches. Thanks for getting with me on that.....

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    Well guys I'm rebarreling my Leonard with a Lederer.... and I have a bunch of Barts 68's ...see ya...... lol....jim

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    Winter 100 BR matches near Dubois.Pa

    Quote Originally Posted by R.Morehouse View Post
    I spend most of my time shooting by myself and was thinking of getting out & about a bit next season. My gun is LV & my equipment & reloading are sound. There are a number of quality club matches in my area but nothing truely centered around 100-200 group shooting over flags with ppc's. There is one score match now & then locally i enjoy but i am looking for more. Can't really do weekends away due to the wallet.....Thanks for your input.........Winter Sucks...

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    The information for these matches may be found by Googling AndersonCreek Sportsmen blog spot .com.Matches are on the 2nd Sat. of January thru April. 100 yd. With a caliber specific target. Warm starts at 10:00 AM, match at 11. Range opens a 9 to set flags. Cash payback. 2 classes...custom and factory( if enough factory guns).Range address is 976 Viaduct Rd.,Rockton,Pa. 15856 GPS 41.038303/78.648720

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