Austin Rifle Club will be holding our October Benchrest Match NEXT SUNDAY OCT. 28.
We shoot the 100 yd "Official Hunter Rifle" targets for Hunter and VFS shooters.
We also welcome factory rifles and if you got a tack drivin AR then we'll make room for you too!
(I'd like to see some of those hot Creedmore rifles to come out)

I'll open the gate about 9:30 , sign-up by 11am, a little practice and we START AT NOON.
If weather looks bad enough to postpone, I will send a 'cancel match' email by 9am.

If you want to be put on the reminder/notification email list, update your email address, or want to be removed then drop a note to me , Steve Krause at:

It's been raining for 2 weeks and supposed to rain at least a few more days so bring those mud boots.
See ya'll then