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  1. Jan 2020 Sp & UNL match at Ben Avery Phoenix

    For starters Chuck Miller won both Grands, yup he won the 2-Gun as well. Chucks 2-Gun was .1922 - .035 in front of 2nd place Duke Rovarino.

    Shooting conditions were at times mild and other times...
  2. Jackie YUP ! Brain Fart. Didn't sleep well...


    YUP !
    Brain Fart. Didn't sleep well last night.
    Change has been made.

  3. Nice schedule

    NBRSA ---- Regional Directors, NBRSA Members

    Take a look at this schedule. One of our premier Benchrest ranges in the country has 4 of their matches prior to the Nationals LV and HV.

    Yet our...
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    Doc give all you got


    Put as much effort into getting well as you have with everything you do.
    The benchrest community is pulling for you.
    Get well quick.

    Gary Ocock
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    Dec 14-15 2019 Match results Ben Avery

    This weekend we shot the UNL class for 2 days. 2 grands- 2 100 yard aggs and 2 200 yard aggs. Weather was decent for most of the match. 2 practice days and Saturday and part of Sunday the conditions...
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    Guys I can't speak for Dave Woodward but I...


    I can't speak for Dave Woodward but I will. I spoke to him about this today. Dave has not seen the mag yet.
    He tallied the results into a Excel file.
    I think what happened is that when the...
  7. November 2019 LV-HV Club Match Ben Avery Results

    2019 Individual 2 Gun World Champion Joel Nader came to Phoenix and gave us a shooting lesson.

    We had a small turn out partly because the match was just a couple of weeks following the NBRSA...
  8. 2019 Group Nationals Top 20 Equipment Lists

    The attached doc's are in a Excel and pdf file.

    Gary Ocock
  9. Guys, I'm writing the shoot report. I will post...

    Guys, I'm writing the shoot report. I will post the equipment list when I get it done.
    I'm finished cleaning up my stuff and licking my benchrest wounds. I'll get to it shortly.

    Gary Ocock
  10. Nats reg.

    Yes you can pay when you get there.
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    Registration for the NBRSA Group Nats

    I was reminded the other day by our SW Regional Director that according to the NBRSA rulebook, Nationals match directors can charge a $40 registration late fee.
    If you are planning to attend I...
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    Doc T There aren't very many things that make...

    Doc T

    There aren't very many things that make me laugh when I'm on the net; but your posts almost always do.
    I like the album playing backwards the best.

  13. Flag Rotation


    Please set up a rotation for Bruno/Ocock, Smiley Hensley type flags.
    I will in the next month or so submit a list of shooters.


  14. Peterson's .042

    Joe recuperated from the Easter egg battle and sent to me a pic Phil Perterson's .042 shot at the Visalia 5 shot unlimited match.

    Mike, I did not submit as my measurement was slightly over the...
  15. page 5

    If you open the match data file and get a bunch of dots on page 5; I have no idea why; but I think Stanovitch has something to do with it.
    If you use PDF Vista the dot data disappears and the actual...
  16. Visalia april 2019 5 shot unlimited match report

    The match weekend started off with VSA club member and Accurate Shooter Joe Stanovich, holding a class to introduce new and past participants to the disciplined art of Accurate Shooting. Joe started...
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    Yes I've been busy with other s--t :cool: See...

    Yes I've been busy with other s--t :cool:

    See attached
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    April UNL match Phx, Az

    April 6th and 7th 2019 BEN AVERY SHOOTING FACILITY – Phoenix Arizona
    It was Dana Andrus’s weekend.

    The last match of the 2018-19 benchrest shooting season at Ben Avery, Phx was a 5 shot...
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    Cactus Shoot Report

    It has come to my attention that some shooters don't have excel and have not been able to open the excel files I emailed to most of the competitors.
    I have converted those files to a PDF format; if...
  20. A thank you from Cactus match Director Matt Schwartzkopf

    Today I'm working on the Cactus Shoot report. I called Matt to ask for some additional data.
    Matt emailed me this so I thought I'd pass it along. You can't run a match this size alone; he had help....
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    2019 Cactus Classic Equipment List

    See attached file in excel
  22. 2019 cactus Classic 2-Gun results from Bughole

    File is in excel format.
  23. Complete 2019 Cactus Classic results from Bughole

    files are in excel, less 2-Gun
    BR Central didn't except another file; so it'll be on another post
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    2019 Cactus 2-gun

    I have the results on hard copy. Some aren't that readable as the printer was running out of ink.
    LV 100 Ed Adams .1984
    HV 100 Ed Adams .1590
    HV 200 Hugh Williamson .1889
    LV 200 Greg King ...
  25. Thread: Steve Perry

    by Gary Ocock

    May they both rest in peace.

    May they both rest in peace.
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