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    Assuming you're asking about the 200-300...

    Assuming you're asking about the 200-300 Nationals at Ashe County you could sign up as late as the morning of the shoot but if you want to be on a flag rotation we need to know at least a couple of...
  2. 200-300 I.B.S. Nationals Sept. 12-13 Ashe County, NC

    We're accepting pre-registrations and taking orders for Tee Shirts and caps now. Please send your info to a.s.a.p.. Also, please include a list of those who want to be on a flag...
  3. 2nd Annual Southern Challenge Ashe County NC

    Thanks to all the shooters and workers that made our shoot a great success. Hope to see you next year and at the 200-300 score Nationals this September 12-13.
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    Thanks to all the workers and sponsors

    As the Match Director of the Nationals at Ashe County, my name gets posted and I get credit and I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you, Steve. But, the 40-plus folks who helped put on a fine shoot, the...
  5. 100-200 Yard Score Nationals, Ashe County NC

    The Ashe County Wildlife Club will host the 100-200 Score Nationals September 13-14 at our new Clubhouse with 30 solid benches under a 160 ft awning attached to the 40 x 160 building (cleaning...
  6. OK so we got his name wrong or maybe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Ok we got it wrong,,,,,,,,,it's HENRY, not HENERY ! But wait ! Maybe Henery is an alias. I know convicts use 'em. Anyhow, sorry Henry about the spelling.
  7. Ashe County Wildlife Club Score Shoot, Laurel Springs NC

    The Over Mountain Militia of Ashe County finished the season with a beautiful but blustery fall day. Winds 15-20 mph, gusts to 40, and constant changes made for anything but a trigger pulling...
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    I want to thank all the volunteers and the 4-H...

    I want to thank all the volunteers and the 4-H for the great job of cooking, scoring, running targets, and the match. The club is fortunate to have such quality people devoted to doing a super job. ...
  9. Contact E.T. Weaver 336-977-2490,...

    Contact E.T. Weaver 336-977-2490,, or the Wildlife Club's website is and we're on the IBS schedule and info sheets for next year; 3, maybe 4 shoots.
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    Thanks to the folks whose efforts made the...

    Thanks to the folks whose efforts made the Georgia State shoot so successful and enjoyable and thanks to all the veterans who helped us rookies get started in the sport. Thanks to Ronnie Long, Mike...
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    Henry, Could you send me your number...


    Could you send me your number or call 336-977-2490. I need info on lodging at Dublin. Thanks, E.T. Weaver
  12. Ashe County Wildlife Club is located in the...

    Ashe County Wildlife Club is located in the northwestern corner of North Carolina See
  13. Ashe County Wildlife Club Score Shoot Results

    Many thanks to all the competitors who braved the tricky wind conditions and shot our Autumn Leaf Finale. Our Club really appreciates all the support. Congrats go to rookie James Cameron who shot a...
  14. Start Time Change for Ashe County NC VFS shoot October 16th

    The Start time for the Ashe County Wildlife Club, Laurel Springs, NC, 100/200 Yd VFS competition on October 16, has been moved to 8:00 am. Thanks.
  15. Ashe County Wildlife Club's first 100/200 Yard Score Shoot

    Our first IBS Club shoot was held Aug 14, with 17 attending. What a great beginning ! With the forecasted thunderstorms holding off long enough for Ronnie Long to shoot his personal best, 500 38 X,...
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