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  1. Thread: Crossfire

    by CYanchycki

    Thanks Mike

    In this case he did not try to conceal it. He did not realize what he had done in this case until I advised him.

    This happened many years ago, I cannot remember whT the refs decided. I think...
  2. Thread: Crossfire

    by CYanchycki

    Talking crossfires


    You shoot your 5 shot group on a target that is on a empty bench next to your left. You get up and start to head to clean. The guy to your right asks where is your group? He says it...
  3. 👍

  4. Thread: Dan Opel

    by CYanchycki

    This is a shock

    To the Canadian shooting community as well as the Benchrest world.

    I still cannot believe it.

    You could not ask for a nicer man. I do not think there was ever a day that Dan did not smile. ...
  5. Mention earlier of Shotguns

    Being part of the ban, how about this tidbit....
  6. There was mention

    Of moving to the US. Honestly at times I feel I am more American inside than Canadian.

    There are things that Americans show and do that we as Canadians take for granted sometimes. To me that is...
  7. Hard to say how his will play out.

    I know the petitions are floating around and a lot of criticism of Justin and this announcement. I am not the most educated when it comes to the so called assault rifles.

    I did get a bit of an...
  8. WOW I am not

    one of conflict but not sure what the boarder closure has to do with a firearms ban....

    I will leave it at that. It was just meant to be informative for those Americans who may be interested in...
  9. As of today Canada is being led by a DICK TAY TORE....New firearms BAN

    Sad day for ALL legal gun owners in Canada in wake of the massacre in Nova Scotia.

    No debate in the house or...
  10. Replies

    If they have

    been trained by Ian Robertson the founder of Robertson Composites and building him the way he did, they should be just fine.

    The black and silver JTR on the website sure looks like my old rifle...
  11. Replies

    All I can say

    Is WOW......
  12. I know Manitoba's population

    Is smaller than a lot of US cities but so for we are fortunate when it comes to the virus.

    I believe today's numbers are under 260 cases and 6 deaths. All the unfortunate deaths, the individuals...
  13. Video about BR at Rosebud Calgary Alberta

    First time I seen this video.

    Think it turned pretty good.

  14. Replies

    In regards to Health Care

    Well being Canadian that does not matter. Remember as taxpayers we all pay for this dearly.

    In regards to plans for Dental, prescriptions, eyewear etc I have 3 options. When I started out we...
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    It does to a point

    It is like practice for retirement. Thought I would retire at 60 but looks like it will be freedom 55 from my current job and when this BS clears up find a partime to supplement the shooting...
  16. It is amazing

    how wonderful we have it in the US and Canada with the freedom of speech.

    The only problem, we can be so judgemental of people's opinions on this matter.

    Living where I do, with a city...
  17. Despite the fears

    I really wonder what the economic impact will be?

    Pretty sure this is going to be the nastiest in my 54 years walking this earth. The Canadian dollar keeps dropping. Not going to be good for...
  18. This is

    Supposedly why the civilized world is so great. We are free to voice our opinions. Some love them and some hate them.

    I will take the words from my brother...

    "I truly believe my life isnít...
  19. It is to be a nasty virus

    but honestly look at stats and how many people get ill and die from other illnesses....

    Yes we should be cautious but what, are we all going to hide in a bubble? The world must still go on. Take...
  20. Never mind I remembered Benchrite....

    Never mind I remembered Benchrite....
  21. Contact for Steve

    there Big John....

    Big Bad John....

  22. Looking for a few 1/2 thou neck bushings

    For my Harrels dies.

    Would like a .2635 and a .2645.

    Anybody have any? Steve Thye or whomever else may sell?

    I can EMT.

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    Dang......what a pain

    So I get a spanner wrench, and think this is a simple fix just by tightening the nut. WRONG.....

    I turn and tighten the inner ring against the lens till it bottoms out then the lock ring. Lens...
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    That is GREAT news

    Keep it up Bob. You have a lot.of people rooting for you and want to see you on the firing line soon.

    Nancy you are the best. Keep him going.

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    Hey Al,

    Why not make your own site to post all this? Just saying. I have no idea how to build one. So cannot help.....🤔🤔🤔
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