Carolyn Dodgen Meadows


NRA Board of Directors



Carolyn Meadows has been nominated as a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association by that organization’s Nominating Committee.


Carolyn is a Life Member of the NRA. She grew up in a hunting and competitive shooting family. She is the wife of Bob Meadows and the sister of Doc Dodgen, who are also Life Members of NRA.  They have a 50 yard shooting range on their property with two benches for bench rest competition practice and informal matches.  Carolyn’s first association with the NRA was through her employment at Lockheed where she coordinated hunter and gun safety courses for the Lockheed-Martin Employee Association Gun Club.


Carolyn believes that the goals and purposes of the NRA are among the most important issues facing the world today and that all of our basic freedoms depend upon our Second Amendment Rights.  After spending two months in Australia soon after very strict gun control was mandated there, she realized but for the active participation of people like her, our guns and liberty would likewise be forcefully taken and our guns turned into a worthless heap of metal. This experience was instrumental in her commitment to increased involvement in NRA Legislative Action.  Carolyn is the three term Republican National Committeewoman from Georgia and serves on the Executive Committee, Rules Committee and Site Selection Committee for the 2004 Convention.  At the 1996 Republican National Convention, Carolyn served on the Platform Committee where she helped to ensure continuing support for Second Amendment rights.  She has held senior management positions in campaigns for pro-gun candidates for local, state and national offices.  Mrs. Meadows is on the Advisory Committee for Republicans Abroad and has lectured in Paris, France; Rome, Italy; and the University of London. As a political speaker on the state, national, and international levels she has a built-in forum to promote our pro-gun cause.  Carolyn says, “I know our constitutional rights and I am prepared to defend and protect those rights through the power of the pen and the spoken word.”


She was personally responsible for getting Wayne LaPierre to speak to the University of Georgia College Republicans where hundreds of young college students were exposed to the “Word” according to Wayne and several new NRA Members were recruited.  Carolyn served on the 2001 NRA Nominating Committee.  Currently, she is working with the NRA representatives and consultants in Georgia to promote the NRA within the state political ranks and is on the Board of Directors of the Jett Williams Law Enforcement Shoot-Out held in Tennessee. Even though she is a Republican, she works effectively with Democrat and Republican office holders on Second Amendment issues


Carolyn is actively recruiting and signing up members to the NRA at political gatherings throughout the state.  She says, “I feel it is vital to increase our membership to build our clout with the politicians.”


Her gun club, the River Bend Gun Club, Inc., has endorsed her candidacy for the NRA Board of Directors.


Please vote for Carolyn Meadows for NRA Director in the 2003 election.  Ballots will be included in the February issue of the NRA magazines.