Sniper, Benchrest, Practical, and Lightweight Packer Models
Precision Bullets for Serious Competitors
Thousands of Products for the Precision Shooter
The “Ultimate Bore Guide”, check out the “Barrel Saver”!
Stainless Precision Barrels
Step up to Nesika when you can’t afford compromises.
We provide for those with total Accuracy in mind.
Superb craftsmanship, and quality – the competitor’s choice!
Professional Craftsmanship dealing with Competition, Hunting, and Varmint Rifles
ABRA is a sanctioning body for .22lr bench rest competitions, and is made up of an Unlimited and ...
Benchrest Quality Rifles and Precision Riflesmithing Since 1988
Stocking over 1,000 different scopes at wholesale prices to the public
"High Precision Rifle Barrels"
Hand swaged major match and record setting bullets – 6mm & 30cal.
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