Hand Swaged Custom 30 Caliber Bullets in 112, 114, 116, 118 & 125gr
Proudly Handcrafted in Raton, New Mexico.
Home of The BenchRest JoyStick
We Specialize In Matching Your Optics To Your Shooting Needs!!!
The Ultimate Cleaner for Match Grade Barrels
Complete rifles, custom dies, and full range of gunsmithing services.
"Precision Built Rifles For The Dedicated Shooter"
Made exclusively with J-4 Bullet Jackets
Supplier of 100% Carbon Fiber Stocks
Benchrest Quality Rifles and Precision Riflesmithing Since 1988
The “tightest group” of cleaning products available!!!
Custom Competition Actions- Benchrest, Long Range, Target…
Carroll’s Ultimate Shooting Rest is a break though in shooting rest design!
Building High Precision Rifles for 25 Years
Dedicated to Serving Benchrest Shooters
Unique products engineered to aid you in your quest for Ultimate ACCURACY!!
Protect your barrel’s delicate crown with the CROWN PROTECTOR!
Serving the industry for 30 years
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