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Newest Classifieds in Ammunition

Photo Title Description City Price
Rimfire Ammo Eley Match Eley Match Ammo,,,1016-03095,,,Speed 1056,,,6450 Rounds $1600.00 Shipped free .  1 Brick 500 rounds $140.00 shipped free. All ammo has been stored in moisture proof Containers.  No test lots. 716-864-8181 Tonawanda $0.00 USD
Midas+  22LR  $12.50 box Midas+ 22LR $12.50 box 9 Bricks Lapua Midas+ Lot # 29-1273 (29552/611273/24) 1 Brick   Lapua Midas+ Lot # 27-1142 (27552/611142) 1 Full Case Total Quantity INCLUDING SHIPPING $1250.00 Do not repond thru this web listing , Please call, text, or email the number below....I do not check this listing very often. Jeff Patterson.....email:  fahrenright@gmail.com   or  call / text:  812-282-9534   This is my business number, it sends all "OUT OF AREA CODE" calls direct to voice mail (too many telemarketers) Leave me a message and I'll return your call ASAP Jeffersonville $1,250.00 USD
ELEY TENEX (Red Box) ELEY TENEX (Red Box) I am listing this for a friend, it doesn't belong to me. The ammo belongs to JP NELSON his email is Sgm8385@yahoo.com 6 Bricks of 1016-06095- 1053 8 Bricks of 1017-04068- 1056 (Sold) Priced at $17.00 a box Weaver, AL $0.00 USD
AMMO 43 Boxes of Lapua lot # 29552/610913 Midas Plus $13.50 a box want to seel it all at $580.00 plus shipping Eley Tenex 36 boxes lot # 1018-03051 at $16.50 a box all of it $594.00 plus shipping (This is the 2018 Stuff that Sold Out) Eley Tenex 45 boxes lot #  1018-03071 at $16.50 a box all of it $742.00 Plus shipping (This is the other 2018 that Sold Out). I want to sell all of each lot to one person.  I do not want to sell it by the box.  All of this ammo is good ammo. The 1114-05135 is sold. NEW PRICING Mcconnelsville $0.00 USD