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Photo Title Description City Price
RCBS Charge Master RCBS Charge Master Model 1500, powder scale & dispenser. Lake Hopatcong $235.00 USD
Lyman powder system Lyman powder system Gren 5 electronic touch screen powder system NIB. Lake Hopatcong $199.00 USD
Bruno powder measure Bruno powder measure Used Stainless steel benchrest powder measure w/hopper bottle & drop tube. Lake Hopatcong $170.00 USD
Multi anvil micrometer Multi anvil micrometer Mitutoyo micrometer set-up w/sphere to read case neck thickness to .0001. New Price $191. Lake Hopatcong $100.00 USD
Satorius Entris lab balance Satorius Entris lab balance Used ultra precise powder metering sytem w/auto trickler for accuracy to 1/50th of a grain. Included is a custom made wooden carry case completely foam lined & protective of its contents. The new price is about $1300. w/o the case. Lake Hopatcong $995.00 USD
Allie Eubers Bullet Making Dies Allie Eubers Bullet Making Dies Carl Lynn Dies- Point/Boat Tail/ Squirt Die $1600.00 David Detsch 8 Ogive (copy of old bullet) Point/Flat Base Core Seat $2000.00 7/11 Neimi Die- Point/ Flat Base Core Seat $1400.00 9 Ogive Detsch - Point/ Flat Base Core Seat- $1400.00 7 3/4 Nemi Dies- Point/ Flat Base Core Seat $1800.00 Clarence Detsch Die- Point/Flat Base Core Seat (Last Point Up Die Clarence Made) $1800.00 Lewisburg $2,000.00 USD
6mm carbide bullet swage dies 6mm carbide bullet swage dies For sale is a set of carbide 6mm bullet swage dies made by Don Rorshack. The dies make a 7 1/2 ojive flat base bullet. The core seater and point up dies are carbide and the squirt die is steel. Punches for the squirt die and point up die are included. I have several presses with rams and ejector frame available. For more information call 724-445-3745 or 724-968-8258 est. Chicora $1,850.00 USD
Simonson carbide swags dies Simonson carbide swags dies Simonson .224 boat tail and flat base die set. The set contains 4 carbide dies and 1 steel squirt die. The set makes either .155 x 10 degree, .065" x 13 degree boat tail bullets, or Flat base bullets. Point up is a 7 ojive. The set includes the following; 1. Carbide point up die for either flat base or boat tail bullets. 2. Carbide core seater for .155" x 10 degree boat tail bullets. 3. Carbide core seater for .065" x 13 degree boat tail bullets. 4. Carbide core seater for making flat base bullets, with punches for Boat tail jacket preform. 5. Steel squirt die for making boat tail and flat base cores. 6. 10 core seating punches. 7. Several boat tail and flat base point up punches. 8. The set also contains punches to preform boat tail jackets with strippers. I also have available several buckets of J4 jackets of various lengths bought about 15 years ago. Dies are in as new condition. I have made boat tail and flat base from 50 to 90 grains with these dies. Also have several presses, rams and ejector frame available. Call for additional information 724-445-3745 or 724-968-8258 Est. Chicora $2,750.00 USD
Benchrite Case Lathe Benchrite Case Lathe Our Case Lathe makes neck turning brass an easy, pleasant job instead of a necessary project to be dreaded and put off. This power turning system is the result of many years of using and experimenting with neck turning systems to find the best balance of speed, convenience, power, ease of use and quiet operation. The 1/20th HP gearmotor turns cases at 181 RPM with plenty of torque to prevent drag down when making large cuts. Cases are held by the updated case holder and spindle system which makes inserting, tightening and removing cases a snap. Heavy duty switch, 14 ga. power cord, professional finish and anti-vibration feet complete a tool made to perform perfectly for many years. The lathe system comes complete with large or small primer spindle and one case holder – specify cartridge. Instructions included, Made In USA. Please visit our NEW Web Site at www.benchrite.com Additional large or small spindle: $40.00 Additional case holders: $14.00 Shipping in USA: $8.95. Email: sales@benchrite.com Phone: 260-456-6809 Fort Wayne $495.00 USD