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6PPC RCBS & Custom Die 6PPC RCBS & Custom Die These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. -  Redding 6PPC Small Body D1 Die - This die is intended for use with chambers that are cut tighter than SAAMI specs. This die sizes the body and shoulder, but DOES NOT touch the neck. No decapping rod.  $30 includes shipping. -  6PPC Custom full length die with a .258 neck.  $20 includes shipping New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD
Benchrite Case Lathe Benchrite Case Lathe Our Case Lathe makes neck turning brass an easy, pleasant job instead of a necessary project to be dreaded and put off. This power turning system is the result of many years of using and experimenting with neck turning systems to find the best balance of speed, convenience, power, ease of use and quiet operation. The 1/20th HP gearmotor turns cases at 181 RPM with plenty of torque to prevent drag down when making large cuts. Cases are held by the updated case holder and spindle system which makes inserting, tightening and removing cases a snap. Heavy duty switch, 14 ga. power cord, professional finish and anti-vibration feet complete a tool made to perform perfectly for many years. The lathe system comes complete with large or small primer spindle and one case holder – specify cartridge. Instructions included, Made In USA. Please visit our NEW Web Site at www.benchrite.com Additional large or small spindle: $40.00 Additional case holders: $14.00 Shipping in USA: $8.95. Email: sales@benchrite.com Phone: 260-456-6809 Fort Wayne $495.00 USD
Concentricity Tool Concentricity Tool This item is part of the donation from Ray (Joe) Metz to IBS. This concentricity tool does not have a manufacturers name on it. It is very well made and used to measure runour on loaded rounds as shown in the picture. $75 shipped Thanks for looking. New Ipswich, NH $75.00 USD
Detsch Core Forming Die for .308 Bullets & Jackets Detsch Core Forming Die for .308 Bullets & Jackets For Sale - Detsch core forming die for .308 bullets. Die is gently used and in excellent condition having made cores for bullets in the 110 gr. - 140 gr. weight range. Die can make heavier cores, if desired. The formed core body diameter is .2614" using nominal 1/4" diameter lead wire. The finished core is flat both on the top & bottom, for flat base & boat tail bullets. The die has a spring loaded ejector and is set up to use an ejector assembly. Die body is 7/8 x 14 tpi. Original core form punch is included. $550.00 shipped CONUS ************************************** For Sale - .308 J4 & Sierra Bullet Jackets ~20% OFF  3-1/3 Buckets, 800 count per bucket, 2677 total pcs. J4 .308 x 1.150". All are lot # 5057. The 1/3 bucket has 277 pcs. $688 for the lot. + sh. 1300 pcs., Sierra .308 x 1.155". All same lot #. Very similar specification as Item #1 above. (about 20% show very slight sporadic cosmetic tarnish). $205 for the lot. + sh.  *SPF* - 2 - buckets, 800 count per bucket, 1600 pcs., J4 .308 x 1.200", all lot # 1661. $450 for the lot + sh.  jacket photos available by email request. laveritt@att.net     Clarksville $550.00 USD
Euber & Bart Euber & Bart These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS The lot # on Euber bullets represent the last two numbers on the lot of hulls being used. Different weight bullets can have the same lot #. Lot #1 - L1 on the boxes are 6mm - 66 grain - 9 ojive - Euber Lot #95 - 2,000 bullets Lot #2 -L2 on the box is 6mm - 66 grain - 9 Ojive - Euber Lot #91 - 365 bullets Lot #3 - L3 on the box is 6mm - 68 grain - Euber Lot #68 - 341 bullets Lot #4 -L4 on the box is 6mm - 65 grain - Euber Lot #95 - 143 bullets I would like to sell these Euber bullets as one package. All 2,849 bullets for $770 Shipped. The Barts and Watson bullets will be included at no additional cost. Barts - Match Grade 6mm - 68 grain - 85 bullets Barts - The Wedge 6mm - 68 grain - 84 bullets Barts - The Wedge 6mm - 66 grain - 32 bullets Watson (black box) 6mm - 65 grain - 45 bullets These bullets could be used for fire forming cases. Thanks for looking New Ipswich, NH $770.00 USD
Harrell Presses Harrell Presses These items are part of the donation by Ray (Joe) Metz to IBS. #1 - Harrell's Compact Reloading Press - 6mm - Precision machined from 6061 aluminum stock. $150 shipped #2 - Harrell's Tooling Arbor Press - The press has brass pinion gears and brass shaft bushing. The steel base plat has worn nickel finish. The remaining parts are made from aircraft quality aluminum and stainless steel. $75 shipped Thanks for looking. New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD
L.E. Wilson Reloading Dies L.E. Wilson Reloading Dies These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS.   - 6PPC Neck Die - For use with an arbor press. This die uses interchangable bushings. Wilson neck dies size the neck to 3/16" from the mouth end, a practice many shooters prefer. a decapping base is included. -  Stainless Steel Micrometer Bullet Seater - These seaters are the most accurate and easiest to use straight line dies on the market. The built in micrometer seating depth adjustment features an easy to read scale in .001" graduations. -  Decapping Base - .440 head for 6PPC   All three items are being sold as a group. Shipping included. New Ipswich, NH $90.00 USD
Mitutoyo 4" digital Micrometer Mitutoyo 4" digital Micrometer This item is part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. -  This digital micrometerhas a large display, has one-touch zero function and can swich from inches to millimeters on the fly. Price includes shipping. New Ipswich, NH $70.00 USD
NEIMI 6MM BOATAIL DIES Neimi carbide die set for making jacketed precision match bullets.  8 ogive carbide point up die is a direct copy by Bill Neimi of the famous original Lowell Hotenstein dies.  Boat tail seater is made to match the point up die.  Only about 10,000 bullets have been made on these dies.  They are in flawless condition and the bullets are excellent.  Boat tail pumches in various condition are included.  $2500.  Call Larry Feusse @ 989-513-3702. Midland $2,500.00 USD
New and used brass These items were part of the donation Ray (Joe) Metz made to IBS. SOLD Lot #1 - New Lapua .220 Russian brass - 100 pieces. They measure 1.516" +/- .001" Neck .0145" +/- .0005" - $85 shipped Lot #2 - Used Lapua .220 Russian brass - 177 pieces. They measure 1.493" =/- .002" Neck .009" +/- .001 - $90 shipped Lot #3 - used SAKO 9PPC USA brass - 40 pieces. They measure 1.509" =/- .004" Neck .009" +/- .003" - $25 shipped New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD