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Operate your RCBS Chargemaster in areas without AC Operate your RCBS Chargemaster in areas without AC GREAT STOCKING STUFFER A number of years ago I made one of these for myself, out of necessity. Since then have had numerous requests from folks wanting one.   I have sold over 100, with no problems/complaints. I get two shooting seasons +, on a fresh set of batteries. Any questions please feel free to contact me. $35 Shipped anywhere in ConUSA. White Haven $35.00 USD
L.E. Wilson Reloading Dies L.E. Wilson Reloading Dies These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS.   - 6PPC Neck Die - For use with an arbor press. This die uses interchangable bushings. Wilson neck dies size the neck to 3/16" from the mouth end, a practice many shooters prefer. a decapping base is included. -  Stainless Steel Micrometer Bullet Seater - These seaters are the most accurate and easiest to use straight line dies on the market. The built in micrometer seating depth adjustment features an easy to read scale in .001" graduations. -  Decapping Base - .440 head for 6PPC   All three items are being sold as a group. Shipping included. New Ipswich, NH $90.00 USD
Sinclair Neck Turning Adjustment Tool Sinclair Neck Turning Adjustment Tool These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. This package includes: - Sinclair 3000 Cutter with 6PPC pilot - Expander Die with mandrels (.2230, .2250, .2295, .2380, .2415, .2430) - Sinclair case holder for cartridge turning - Instructions sheet included - Custom box Price includes shipping. New Ipswich, NH $160.00 USD
Redding Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure Redding Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure This item is part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. Designed specifically for competition shooters. The drum and micrometer design limits the overall charge range from a low of 10 grains to a max of 50 grains. The powder hopper has a baffle to help keep all charges uniform. A position lock on the rotor keeps the setting in place. An adapter is included to us a 1# bottle with the measure. New Ipswich, NH $130.00 USD
6PPC RCBS & Custom Die 6PPC RCBS & Custom Die These items are part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. -  Redding 6PPC Small Body D1 Die - This die is intended for use with chambers that are cut tighter than SAAMI specs. This die sizes the body and shoulder, but DOES NOT touch the neck. No decapping rod.  $30 includes shipping. -  6PPC Custom full length die with a .258 neck.  $20 includes shipping New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD
Mitutoyo 4" digital Micrometer Mitutoyo 4" digital Micrometer This item is part of the Ray (Joe) Metz donation to IBS. -  This digital micrometerhas a large display, has one-touch zero function and can swich from inches to millimeters on the fly. Price includes shipping. New Ipswich, NH $70.00 USD
NEW NORMA & LAPUA BRASS 100 -- 22PPC USA NORMA (33 primed with 205 match) - .90 cents each 275 -- .220 Russian full prep by Ron Hoehn to 6 PPC gold box - 100 of .0105 & 175 of .0101 necks - $1.50 each 55 -- 7.5x55 Norma & 23 necked to 6mmx55 - .45 cents each 100 -- Norma .338 Lapua - $220 60 -- .243W Lapua gold box - .80 cents each 40 -- .243 W Lapua gold box primed - .80 cents each 100 -- Lapua .223 gold box - $50 88 -- Lapua gold box 6BR prep for Dasher @ .010  2/3rd down neck - $100 500 plus Norma 300 WBY (call for specs & amounts) - $1.50 each Some full prep @ .013 neck Some just annealed Some annealed & fire formed to 300 Ackley .013 All weight sorted Call Bill Shehane @ 704-824-7511  Customer pays actual USPS shipping Cramerton $0.00 USD
Shell Holders & Neck Bushings Shell Holders & Neck Bushings These items are part of a donation made by Ray (Joe) Metz to IBS. #1 RCBS shell holders #3, #8, #10 & #11 with case. $25 shipped SOLD #2 Redding Competition Shellholders for 6PPc. These are #12 holders set for .002", .004", .006", .008", .010" and an RCBS 32 holder. $35 shipped #3 Redding Neck Sizing Bushing, 76 style. These are Titanium Nitride coated. I would like to sell this as a package. The sizes include: .250", .256", .257", .258" (3), .260", .261", .262", .263", .264". $160 shipped      New Ipswich, NH $0.00 USD
Wilson Case Trimmer Wilson Case Trimmer The basic Wilson trimmer has been enhanced with the addition of a Square Peg base, a cam clamping system amd micrometer adjustment. Besides the case trimmer the unit also has additional cutters for making uniform primer pockets and flash hole de-burring. This is a great trimmer set-up. Thanks for looking New Ipswich, NH $175.00 USD
Time Precision Neck Turners Time Precision Neck Turners Thes items are part of the donation Ray (Joe) Mets made to IBS. These large Time Precision Neck Turners can accurately cut necks to 0.0002". This is accomplished by the micrometer adjustment of the cutter. These cutters measure 4" across making handling of the cutter much easier while trimming the necks. These cutters sell for $198 each new. I am selling them for $290 shippef. New Ipswich, NH $290.00 USD