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Neck tools K&M neck turner complete with 6MM and 22 mandrels  $ 75 ppd Holland neck thickness micrometer $75 ppd jimparus@gmail.com Mesquite $0.00 USD
6BR lapua I have 243 pieces of 1x 6br lapua brass for sale.  Asking $140 post paid to the lower 48.  USPS money orders please. Ellenton $140.00 USD
Powder Tickler Powder Tickler This device vibrates which makes any drop style powder measure more consistent. It also helps to eliminate powder bridging. It will fit any drop measure that is 2 inch o.d.. Pictures available by email request. mikemcwhrtr@yahoo.com or call 4328533783 cell Payment by check or money order. Price 75.00 pluss shipping. midland $75.00 USD
Remington 6mm BR brass  $50 Remington 6mm BR brass $50 New 6 BR primed brass.  $50 for Bolt Pack of 100 Price does not include shipping Please call Jim Williams at 770-757-1590 if you are interested in purchasing this brass. I do not check email often. Grayson $50.00 USD
Ohaus Dial-O-Grain Model -Reloading Scale Ohaus Dial-O-Grain Model -Reloading Scale OHAUS Dial O Grain Model Capacity 1110 Grains. One of the Finest! A Real Pro Reloading Scale! By the OHAUS SCALE CORP. N.J. HAS THE VERY EASY TO USE DIAL for dialing in the small grains Very Accurately Scale is in Excellent condition with the exception of the paint on the base and ready two go back into Action! Scale would cost over 350.00 Wholesale Dealer Cost know days! For Sale: $250. plus shipping The Ohaus Dial-O-Grain Balance is a favorite of reloaders. The Dial-O-Grain balance offers high precision and remarkable value. The three-point base, special floating bearing principle and beam design eliminates the need for level adjustment. Zeroing is quickly achieved by means of a zero adjust knob at the end of the beam. With aluminum pressure castings for the base and beam assembly, agate bearings, steel knife-edges, and stainless aluminum pan, everything about the Dial-O-Grain balance ensures a high standard of quality.The Dial-O-Grain scale needs little introduction to reloaders. This unit is an Ohaus and is in Grains to facilitate reloading. It is also sold by RCBS as the 304, and Ohaus is currently marketing it as the 304. If you are a reloader, make sure the scale that you are looking at is in Grains. Haymarket, VA $250.00 USD
SOLD 6.5x47 Lapua Cases SOLD  50pcs of new (older lot) of 6.5 x 47 Lapua Brass.  48.00 + shg. Please email for more info. thanks Kevin Southern $0.00 USD
FS: 6PPC seater dies & Harrells measurers. FS: 1.  I have two of the older style, non-bearing Harrell's Culver style powder measurers. These look like the original culvers. I have used these for many years and function just as good as any other. One is in mint condition. One is a little rougher but functions just as well. They come with one bottle and the two 4 inch drop tubes. Mint:  175.00 + Shg Other: 160.00 + shg Please email for info.   2.  I have three Wilson arbor press 6ppc Seater dies. 30.00ea +shg. Please email for info.   Kevin     Southern $0.00 USD
fS: Harrell, Lyman 1. Harrells PPC compact press. 160.00 +shg 2. Two Lyman Sparta Cast Iron presses. Very nice condition. I may or may not have the priming arms and primer catch trays (I had them but don't know where they are at right now, will look for them and update). 50.00 + shg 3. SOLD   Lee Challenger Press (non breach lock), like new, barely used. 50.00 + shg Please email for info. Kevin Southern $0.00 USD
Collectible  6mm BR Rem. Brass, No Flash hole Collectible 6mm BR Rem. Brass, No Flash hole Quite awhile back Remington made a special run of 6mm BR Remington Brass for the experimenter where the flash hole hadn't been punched or drilled.  Two of the boxes are in mint shape with one box having No Flashhole marked on the outside of the box with magic marker.  This brass is new in the box although probably 20 years old.  The brass has the Remington number U6MMBR on the box.  USPS priority mail shipping included. $25 per box or $65 for all three. Wheeler $25.00 USD
Hornady .22 Bullets - SOLD Hornady .22 Bullets - SOLD 3 boxes Hornady .22 Cal. Match .224 53 Gr HP, app. 250 bullets, clean looking bullets with no tarnish to speak. 30 count of Hornady 55gr SX .224 bullets, tarnished with tips corroded. 42 count box of Hornady 55gr SX .224 bullets, better shape than 30 count box. 1 box Hornady 50gr SX .224 bullets, appears to be a full 100 count box. 84 count of Hornady .224g 60 gr HP, tarnished with tips corroded. 50 count of Hornady .224 55 gr FMJ, tarnished with base corrosion where lead shows through. USPS Priority mail shipping included.     Wheeler $55.00 USD