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.308 Win and .50 BMG brass Approximately 1500 rounds of once fired .308 Win brass. All are either Federal or Remington brass and fired from bolt action. Can seperate or mix. as is condition $85.00 per 500 count.  50 BMG brass. Once fired from Barrett M82A1, as is  $15.00 per 25 count. Jackson $85.00 USD
Powder Tickler Powder Tickler This device attaches to any 2 inch diameter powder drop type measure. It vibrates wich allows powder to flow into cavity more consitently. band width is one and one quarter inch. it also allows for more powder in the case. midland $75.00 USD
RCBS Sidewinder, NECO Sieve RCBS Sidewinder, NECO Sieve In very good condition. There is obvious cosmetic wear (paint) but the unit has no mechanical issues. This set up was originally used for moly coating. The bucket is clean and can be used for case cleaning if desired. The NECO sieve is heavy duty and includes a requisite quantity of stainless steel shot for moly coating. I will include a partially used bottle of moly powder. Sidewinder: $200 NECO sieve: $60 I will quote actual shipping costs. Buyer pays shipping. Emeryville $0.00 USD
For Sale: Lapua 6.5 123 grain Scenar Bullets For Sale: Lapua 6.5 123 grain Scenar Bullets For Sale: 757 Lapua 6.5 123 grain HPBT bullets. $196.82 Shipped. Mize $196.82 USD
Powder Tickler This unit vibrates which helps to settle powder into cavity on all drop measures. The vibration lessens the chance of powder bridging. holding a charged case against the drop tube settles the powder allowing for more powder in the case. It is fits two inch o. d. measures. band that wraps around measure is one and a quarter inch wide.It works for benchrest and progresive presses hornady ect. midland $0.00 USD
BART'S 6mm 68gr Ultra Bullets, 13 Boxes of 100 BART'S 6mm 68gr Ultra Bullets, 13 Boxes of 100 BART'S Custom Bullets, 6mm 68gr. Flat Base, Hollow Point ULTRA.  13 boxes of 100.  Plus $20 shipping.  Please call after 6pm Pacific or email with questions.  Post Office Money Order only. Paradise $300.00 USD
PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer The PMA Micro Adjust Case Trimmer features interchangeable Delrin inserts to fit nearly any cartridge. The insert housing is held on a spring loaded needle bearing so it spins with the case keeping it square to the cutter and allows you to control the feed rate into the cutter.  For more information, please visit website below: http://www.pmatool.com/product_info.php?cPath=6 1_82&products_id=312 Fort Wayne $130.00 USD
PMA Model A Neck Turning Tool PMA Model A Neck Turning Tool The PMA Model A Neck Turner adjusts easily in .0002" increments with adjustments as fine as .0001". Simple to set up and fits well in your hand.  For more information, please visit website below: http://www.pmatool.com/index.php?cPath=27_42_78   Fort Wayne $126.00 USD
PMA Powder Measure Stand PMA Powder Measure Stand The PMA Powder Measure Stand is light weight, fits a wide range of bench top thicknesses and has plenty of height adjustment.  For more information, please visit the website below: http://www.pmatool.com/product_info.php?cPath=3 0&products_id=168 Fort Wayne $65.00 USD
PMA Micro Die Adjuster PMA Micro Die Adjuster The PMA Tool Micro Die Adjuster (MDA) replaces your existing lock ring and can be used with nearly any 7/8-14 full length sizing die. We've successfully used this tool with sizing dies from Redding, RCBS, Hornady, Lee, Harrells Precision and those made from Newlon Precision die blanks. It allows you to easily make adjustments to your “shoulder bump” as fine as .0005”. The engraved marks on the MDA are equal to approximately .001” (true adjustment .000992”) of adjustment to the shoulder bump. Splitting the engraved marks is therefore approximately equal to .0005”. The design of the MDA does not allow it to work with the Forster Co-Ax press. Some custom dies for very short cartridges may require the use of an extended shellholder.Micro Die Adjuster shown in use installed on Custom Newlon/Scott 6mm PPC Die and Harrells Precision Compact Press. Available with set screw locking feature or thumb screw upgrade locking feature.  For more information, please visit the website below: http://www.pmatool.com/index.php?cPath=31_48   Fort Wayne $60.00 USD